Mahesh Datta Kodali

02/22/2021 17:24

$FuelCell Energy do your own due diligence. if you are new, and reading the comments before buying or selling you are in a wrong place. this company never made money in 12 years. yes, they do have potential but all this hype for past 1 month is completely based on piggybacking the PLUG that got multiple contracts and millions of dollars in investments. hold your stock if you are in below 15. its not gonna dip to 12 or 13 anymore. if you are in above 25, prepare to hold bags for sometime.
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Borat Sagdiyev02/22/2021 17:27
Lol butt hurt so bad! Let me guess...you bought in above $26? So emotional

Ema***com02/22/2021 18:03

But it also hurts seeing “losing” spelled with an extra o. How can you expect anyone to trust you??

Mahesh Datta Kodali02/22/2021 17:33

😅😅 nop. my average is 4.5 but i sold at 15. then it went to 52 week high 😅 that hurt me. but its more painful to see new traders loosing money because 🤡🤡 here saying it goes to 30.


Caz2uz02/22/2021 17:27
plug hasn't made money per share either correct? probably because both do offerings to raise money?

Caz2uz02/22/2021 18:03

ummm fuel cell has contracts as well...

Mahesh Datta Kodali02/22/2021 17:35

yup. but story of PLUG is different. its got contracts and investments now. FCEL is just loosing money all the way .


Coco02/22/2021 17:26
So how is plug doing? Down as well...

Mahesh Datta Kodali02/22/2021 17:28

yes, PLUG is way overbought during ghe hype. its stabilizing i believe between 45 and 55 untill there is another catalyst.


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