11/13/2020 15:14

$Five Prime Ok can someone without a beat or bull mentality explain to me what’s going on here. I’m new to stocks and made a small profit after selling yesterday. But I’ve looked at the financials of this company and their recent earnings. They are not even close to releasing this treatment. How is this maintaining like it is. And no I don’t do options trading yet so I don’t own anything that makes me money off it If it drops lol.
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Knuckles11/13/2020 15:24
Theres a phase to these smaller low float stocks. Usually starts with reverse split to lower the float ... Then good news hypes the price dramatically, Then last phase is offering while price is high to raise cash till it starts all over again. Many traders look for these low floats tobtake advantage of these huge swings in price and play the game. Its a great way to make big money and if you dont know the game to lose big money Hope that helps

jcd***com11/13/2020 15:27

Yeah me too 3k in now

Knuckles11/13/2020 15:25

I bought Puts and am waiting for the drop. Im a game player too


jcd***com11/13/2020 15:21
It actually has nothing to do with institutional buyers, this stock is 70% owned by institutions, which is Normal for any stock, They’ll take profits too if they want.


Dffclty 11/13/2020 15:20
It's the flavor of the week. Kind of like Kodak when it spiked over a massive loan. Some good news came out, retail investors dove all over it and shot the price up.

Now, you have a lot of poorly informed retail investors stupidly thinking it's going to keep going up.

Tuesday, when the new offering goes live, the total number of shares is going up from 38m to over 45m. They are selling those shares at $21. Between the discount from current price and overall dilution, the value will tank at minimum to $21, likely lower.


jcd***com11/13/2020 15:19
Usually stocks like these will have a few green days before they slowly lose the volume they had on the first day from the initial “Hype” of the news. But if a offering doesnt drop it inititally the stock volume will not meet the demand which is the float and it will start to go down causing a domio affect of selling.

Ashura11/13/2020 15:22

thats some solid info, god bless you


fil***com11/13/2020 15:18
It's called instruction manipulation, they buy the hope then sell the news to retail traitor like us. You hit the nail in the head, if I would have seen Phase 3 FDA approval then I would understand holding this level if not more. But all they said was showing good sign WTF does that mean?

I am Short on this so I'm biased.


OG_Ruthless11/13/2020 15:17
Thanks fellas


Yee Haw11/13/2020 15:17
It is truly market manipulation to keep it up for a period of time before the offer settles Once that happens it will drop like a stone because big institutions will be the first to seel for major profits then it will be a free for all selling to save what profits can be saved and people trying to stop the bleeding


Boo-yah Bull11/13/2020 15:17
its pretty easy to realize if you use math and algorithms.
....i bought puts yesterday and God is punishing me


Tanner11/13/2020 15:16
Institutional buyers, i have a Put option in the company, but the company is mostly institutionally owned so they are manipulating the stock price. if you look at the financials and the recent offering, It shouldnt be trading this high tbh. I may be a little biased just cause i gotta put, but thats the info you asked for brotha!


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