09/16/2020 16:37

$Frontline I ran a pet and housesitting business for near”y 17 years high profile only Best product ever. If your animals got any bugs and you got them on you you can use the shampoos too and it kills the bugs especially the tick one. ive gotten bitten many times same day used the shampoo never got lyme nothing they fell right off me and dies instantly. The other 2 i use arent traded private companies but this has sick dividends they pay you to treat your pet with good products.
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All Comments(7)

Hackslash Gaming09/19/2020 01:51

MaraBlack09/19/2020 01:52

I cied laughing after i forgot the ticker symbol when i have both on my master list count find it and put the wrong one in.


Carly09/17/2020 15:13
it was nice that they said something and that they didn't want to see you putting money on something you may not have realized

MaraBlack09/17/2020 15:18

Yes it is crazy i actually have seen many times same company names and different sectors. im dyslexic etc so i flip them ive found good stocks that way


Dar***com09/16/2020 21:12
wrong ticker

MaraBlack09/16/2020 21:24

I know 2 sTocks same name two sectors

MaraBlack09/16/2020 21:23



jnc***com09/16/2020 17:37

MaraBlack09/16/2020 17:44

Look wrong ticker thats all samE name 2 entirely different sectors give me a break


Feji1209/16/2020 17:13
This company is an oil tanker stock from Norway, they primarily store and transport crude oil.

MaraBlack09/17/2020 11:21

That too but i had meant the pet one that was rIsing yesterday

Feji1209/16/2020 18:52


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MaraBlack09/16/2020 16:48
I actually did look at that one the problem is they have 17 ships That’s mean it’s a small money I’m not saying that ClHarting isn’t good it is But i want long term holds that build 5 yrs or more so i can sell for free profit.

MaraBlack09/16/2020 16:51

72-100 i meant These have hundreds and thousands of ships making all that money. And he specifically has to do with China. Which is where 90% of the shipping comes from. Again shipping in general it’s gonna be very good but I want the most money at the end of the five years for the cheapest amount of money I spent


Big Duck Energy Trading Youtub09/16/2020 16:45
I love your enthusiasm and im not trying to rain on your info, but this is a seaborne shipping company. way better than TOPS or SHIP. At least look at the company profile before you inform your followers. but i agree $Frontline is an amazing company. 72 ships + JV with Traguila on 10 more 2019 model Suez tankers. Average age of their boats is less than 4 or 5 years old, with 3 more brand new ones being delivered in the next 2 quarters.

MaraBlack09/16/2020 17:46

Thank you for realizing immediately the ticker swap freaking confusing 2 sectors comes out same name


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