John Smith

01/08/2021 04:11

$Future Fintech Group Inc the fomo here is strong. hilarious to see all the comments from ppl who have no idea wtf they are talking about, but just chase positions when they see something going up. the risk is high and it may pay off now, but if you keep playing high risk, you'll end up broke. Don't buy in because some dipwad here said it's going to x price. no one knows. it could. it could not. be smart.
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zen***com01/08/2021 05:16
someone sad they bought in late


682****94701/08/2021 04:44
Meh, I've made insane profits I'll keep on doing what makes me money

John Smith01/08/2021 05:15

sure. good luck.


Strathvegas wolf 01/08/2021 04:21
thank you " John Smith" lololol


Owney01/08/2021 04:16
Green good, red bad. Lol
Overall though I think this company will remain profitable and find clients busting down their door for their development of blockchain applications in the financial sector. Notable with cryptocurrency adoption on a global scale, their is now high demand by institutions to integrate blockchain systems that will accomade cryptocurrency adoption.


fatboyflako01/08/2021 04:14


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