Trading Sniper

09/08/2020 04:15

$GALAXY NEXT Okay we have a very similar pattern so we gap massively then sell off but each day note the selloff is a bear flag then we sworch to bullflag when the next rally is goong to behin we DID NOT touch the forst rallies low.. which was i think .01 flat we hit .017 and bounced immediately. Sooo we bees to really watch market movement overall the futures indicate the NASDAQ is weak and i have noticed GAXY specifically will sometimes do what NASDAQ does if not itll follow SPY until it breaks off mid morning and goes on its own road AS LONG AS MARKETS ARE HEALTHY!
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ItsLOSEnotLOOSE!!!09/08/2020 06:17
That was a pretty sloppy post bud.

Jay42009/08/2020 15:10

that's what happens with the crappy auto correct on this website lol. I hate retyping crap because my phone can't do it properly. all cause I'm a normal man with man fingers. when will they invent a phone for men?

MoneyTree09/08/2020 11:40


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Jay42009/08/2020 04:41
I think we could definitely see a retest of 0.06 and further this week.

Trading Sniper09/08/2020 06:41

Oh easily


Trading Sniper09/08/2020 04:15
Could see .045 .05 Even .06 retest.

Jay42009/08/2020 04:42

My buddy who got in at 0.058 would be so happy if we hit 0.06 lol


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