Nooter Scooter

11/12/2020 16:27

$GALAXY NEXT galaxy fam... quick question. so if ER is today or tomorrow, normally there's pre-excitement run up but this has none and there's usually a sell off after ER. I see that with every stock. im new at this so I'm looking for insight. I have $1000 on my account and I'm looking to invest... is this really worth buying in asap before ER report?
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Optimistic10111/13/2020 15:03
Opti has a good chance at a quick return for you but this will run at some point in 2020 so keep your eye on it for the turn around

Optimistic10111/13/2020 15:03

Sorry meant 2021


Jay42011/13/2020 04:26
check out other stocks. OPTI a good one ENZC,AITX,HPIL and there is a ton more options to play. Don't put it all here


Newbie11/12/2020 19:27
You want to put all of your money in a stock worth less than a penny? You’re calling this an investment?

Trading the bounce is a possibiblity, but look at this company’s history before “investing.” Look at how much they’ve dilluted shares. Also buying a lower low is normally not a winning proposition.


Penny-Wise💰11/12/2020 18:21
Reason being this isnt like the average stock its the closest to dog shit. Everyone hopes for it to take off making a killing not happening their leadership is shit

Jupiter11/15/2020 08:30

Exactly snd a bad balamcr sheet and they are in debt.


got***com11/12/2020 17:35
I personally loaded up because this is the lowest ive seen consistently since june and it will take less of a jump for me to pull even and sell half my position this way with a good run then later


Chez Money11/12/2020 17:11
Definitely would wait, nothing but downward action for the past month. Good news doesnt do anything either. I literally hust want to get back to even and get the hell out!! They have been making “significant“ moves but im afraid they have damanged the chances to have a explosive day or week. Too much dilution and and too much debt. Only BO, some type of government or state contract is the only hope here unfortunately. $1000 bucks isnt a lot to risk and looking at it from risk reward....depending on your pockets, if your ok putting that up and riding out the what ifs, the reward could be very lucrative at this price. We all were excited hopefully investors months ago, especially with the service and products and current pandemic, but management doesnt seem to take shareholders value into consideration.

Nooter Scooter11/12/2020 17:29

I appreciate feedback... I guess I'll move towards SOLO


Solas11/12/2020 17:02
that's how I feel about OTC stock anyway


Solas11/12/2020 17:01
if you're going to sell the stock for a loss why buy it in the first place?


PlaguedWonder11/12/2020 16:47
I would hold off on this stock, many of us were waiting for earnings and it did nothing, this stock is in OTC markets and mkaes it harder for more volume pick up when it has good news. Ive been holding for months with this stock and plan to sell amd wait for it to move to NYSE from OTC

Solas11/12/2020 19:08

etrade but Ameritrade works too

Mic***com11/12/2020 18:46

Where did you buy it ? I can't buy it on Webull. Did you use Ameritrade? Thanks

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Solas11/12/2020 16:32
last er it tanked because people expected this one


Solas11/12/2020 16:31
looks like it will drop officially at close


Rub***com11/12/2020 16:31
I recommend to take an adavntahe now with GAXY since i believe it has hit its low. GAXY will go up. $1000 will get you some good returns.

ManbearBull11/12/2020 16:36

actually, 0.00 is the low.


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