11/10/2020 16:45

Are You Open with Your Trading ⁉️

Here’s a great skill shared among the best traders. It’s the ability to be able to receive the market’s opportunities(from the humble Soul) vs. being narrow minded in picking plays(from the arrogant Ego). Here are three areas to check ✅. $Apple

Does your system have room to adapt to varying market conditions? Maybe your ‘edge’ worked in one market but now the market is totally different and it doesn’t work at all. Are you adjusting to it or stubbornly trying to make it work for You? The market just does what it wants lol. It is easier when you are able to flow with the market’s opportunities as opposed to constantly trying to impose your Will upon it ❌. $GE

Have you fell in love with a stock? Maybe it was your darling for a while but most of the movement is now subpar. Are you moving on to the other obvious opportunities or are you forcibly trying to play it? By being open to anything outside of your usual picks, you are able to find the best plays with less effort 📊.
$NIO Inc.

Lastly, are you observing the market’s behavior to understand it or are analyzing to predict it? If you are trying to anticipate the future, it is a losing battle. The market is wayyy too random and doesn’t run on Logic. However, if you are ‘listening’ to the market’s flow, you can easily adjust on the fly to what it wants to give you 🗝. $Inovio Pharma

Being able to adapt, having no bias in stock selection, and observing to understand market flow will take your Game to the next level ⚒. Hope these help!
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GettinMoneyBothWays11/10/2020 17:53
Yo I love the positivity/info you post on your wall man/woman

TradesGiving11/10/2020 22:20

thank you! Appreciate your constant support man 💪🏽


7isa11/10/2020 17:17

TradesGiving11/10/2020 22:19



Bill11/10/2020 16:55
rather plot overthrow if legitimate government by joining forces with deepstate henchmen ! 😆

TradesGiving11/10/2020 22:19

makes sense


bb11/10/2020 16:47
so true

TradesGiving11/10/2020 22:18



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