01/06/2021 02:08

$Ideanomics Inc THIS IS A BUY SIGNAL !!! ✌ shorts failed to keep the level down today, too much inflow and buying pressure!

short interest increased up to 37% , that is insane !!! also naked-short interest is too high fjr the last 2 weeks at around 50-55%

that means shorts HAVE to cover , expect a nice short squeeze tomorrow , most likely around afternoon, I see it as a multi day climber up to 3+ ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌​

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All Comments(23)

Spiderman01/06/2021 17:42
what's going on with this today


LandRAV01/06/2021 16:42
Whst happened to $Ideanomics Inc ??

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 16:43

ppl cashed out at 2.45 , market is bad


Simpleton01/06/2021 10:16
you must think that posting this will help huh?


JustGrind3401/06/2021 07:22
nice! thanks for all your help!🤙✌ What do you think about ENVP?


upupup01/06/2021 04:36
how about how about $BORR DRILLING LTD

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 07:07



Ti-money01/06/2021 04:06
I have lots of 1 dollar call. looking to get more for 2022. nothing but up for this company


MOH***COM01/06/2021 03:48
What are the indications or parameters you look for In this ration? Would you consider short interest ratio which is short interest devied by float ?

MOH***COM01/06/2021 07:55


Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 07:36

short intetes for the last 2 weeks and current borrowed shares , volume increase, catalysts , market futures behavior , sector behavior , technical charts ..


Night Hawk01/06/2021 03:40
do you think the stuff going on in Washington DC will affect the market?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 07:34

yes EV market can go crazy


HTX01/06/2021 03:38
this is a long hold stock yall day traders and pumpers proceed with caution.

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 07:34

well shorts need to cover fast here !!


msc***com01/06/2021 03:32
will get in Idea tomorrow. thx bud


Stock Mark HQ01/06/2021 03:20
Penny solar stock because of election?$Amtech Systems Please let me know what you think. Thanks

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 03:21

could be a nice 1-2 days play with a good entry , charts are good , I dont know the other details though , only worry is offering when they are trending high, I can read their filings tomorrow for you


tna***com01/06/2021 02:58
what's yr or on it, hear alot on this stock but never bought lol


j***01/06/2021 02:55
I’m trading with a small amount of $250 and am holding $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. at 0.58. Should I just take my losses and sell and load up on this or wait for $SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. to pop?

Biden USA01/08/2021 07:29

You should hold it until 90plus i am holding 5k

RMorales7301/06/2021 07:40

Im holding. A nice bounce is coming

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eri***com01/06/2021 02:50


Rico01/06/2021 02:49
Like that?

Stockdata.webull@gmail01/06/2021 02:52


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