11/18/2020 14:31

This Weeks Picks List 11/16 - 11/20/20 (A Savage Method)
If you can see this message in your stock comments or this stock that you are looking at, it’s on that list for this week.
Most Accurate Predictive Service - Do you know anyone who can predict the high and low of a stock 1/2 a day in advance and be spot on or literally a penny or two off? Probably not, but you do now.

Members of this service are provided the BEST daily Buy & Sell points information at least 9.5 to 16 hours in advance before the market opens and information is updated on a DAILY basis. YES! That means that these price points are predicted and provided to members anywhere from 530pm to Midnight EST and allows those members plan their picks, to wait to buy at the most optimal times and sell at maxim profits in a short period of time. This also allows them, with most trades, to avoid incurring a daytrade. Price points are updated on a daily basis! THIS IS NOT SWING TRADING...it’s BETTER & without making you hold on to the stock too long before taking profits.

There is NO ONE, INDIVIDUAL, SERVICE OR BROKERAGE that can provided you HIGH ACCURACY information on a DAILY basis than A Savage Method and that is a GUARANTEE! Check out the posts on what the information looks like and recent results!

Want to stop blindly trading? Ask about membership and where you can go to find A Savage Method!
$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Gevo $Transocea $Genius Brands $Ambev $Nokia $Banco Bradesco $Marathon Oil $Itau Unibco Hldg $Energy Transfer LP $Sirius XM Holdgs $Sorrento Thera $Aurora Cannabis $Macy's $Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras $Ford Motor $GE $PG&E Us $Vale SA $Occidental $American Airlines $Carnival $Workhorse Group
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DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 14:49
Also guys I am releasing the results from Thursday of last week later today at the end of the trading day. As always this will be a photo however I have no problem sending the actual PDF file to someone where they can look over the times that the document was modified the dates and all of that. That timeline will clearly show it once the information was posted nothing was changed until EOD when the progress report was made of how the day went. You can go back and alter a time and date stamp on a pdf file so you can feel good about knowing that info is accurate and trustworthy.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 14:53

I also expect the trolls will be coming soon to shout out scam and BS and all sorts of other things that I have heard plenty of times over and over again. It doesn’t change the fact that there is 100% verifiable proof in multiple places that will show this information was created and given to members the day before what the information date was good for. So again, throw out accusations, I love to prove those people wrong and ignorant.


nhe***com11/18/2020 14:35
that's great, what is the catch? nobody does anything for free, and if they were really that good why share? seems to me they want to make money off people vs the stock picks they predict. kinda fishy if ya think about it

sur***com11/18/2020 21:29

So what are your plan options and how do I sign up? Also, do you do options?

JustBored11/18/2020 19:09

his signals ( buy and sell points) are done before market opens and there have been a lot of times the night before... the accuracy he provides is unheard of.

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