11/18/2020 21:09

Results from the A Savage Method for Thursday (11/12/20). Members of the service were provided this information at least 9 1/2 hours in advance before the market opened and this is on a daily basis. Yes, that means that these price points were predicted nearly a half a day in advance and allowed those members to wait to buy at the most optimal times and sell at maxim profits in a short period also allowing them with most trades to avoid incurring a daytrade. Price points are updated on a daily basis! There is NO ONE, INDIVIDUAL, SERVICE OR BROKERAGE that can provided you better information on a daily basis than A Savage Method guaranteed! Want to stop blindly trading? Ask about membership and where you can go to find A Savage Method!

Thursday (11/12/20) Numbers Provided to Members & Results

RED HIGHLIGHTS - Price was higher than open...should have defaulted to next price point

GREEN HIGHLIGHTS - Successful Trade Points

PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS - 100% Perfect High and/or Low of the day

YELLOW HIGHLIGHTS - Was Very Close to Hitting
$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Transocea $Genius Brands $Gevo $Ambev $Nokia $Banco Bradesco $Marathon Oil $Itau Unibco Hldg $Sirius XM Holdgs $Macy's $Eastman Kodak $Sorrento Thera $Petroleo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras $Ford Motor $GE $Occidental $American Airlines $Vale SA $Carnival $Nrwn Crs Ln Hldg $Workhorse Group $Plug Power $Nikola Corporation
American Airlines-0
Disclaimer: The comments, opinions and analysis expressed herein are for informational and educational purposes only and shoulk not be considered as individual investment advice or recommendations. Webull is not responsible or liable in any way for comments posted by pur users.


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All Comments(13)

Little Einstein11/19/2020 11:02
You post a lot but no picture of gains. GAINZ OR GTFO

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 14:58

This request comes from the guy who posts only 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 and “SLAP THAT ASK”. The profits you make from this info ahead of time...is obvious


poorkid11/19/2020 09:43
WOW!! and you are making money? gg

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 14:55

Yes. Everytime actually.


Looking for Gains11/19/2020 05:02
How to we join?

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 14:56

Message the A Savage Method official Facebook Business page (not group) if you‘d like to become a member and get this information ahead of time like others.


Joseph1101111/19/2020 03:56
basically your saying this finna drop more thirsday and Friday cause it hasn't hit your target price for ge...

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 04:02

I noticed from your post that you do a lot of hype post and guessing. this service is not guessing it is very far from it.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 04:00

I'm not sure some of you guys understand this was last week's information that was given on Thursday. it's not this week's information for Thursday the date is in this post and in the docs that you see. It did hit it's buy point...and if you are trying to guess whether it's going up or down, that's risky. you have a 50/50 shot...with the A Savage Method...it's more like 90/10 and your not making blind trades and decisions.


Sdj***com11/18/2020 22:15
dont understand this can u explain

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 00:47

Absolutely. What can I help explain about the document?


GettinMoneyBothWays11/18/2020 22:05
lot of work an def appreciate. gonna reachout via your/our the "a savage methods fb biz page.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 00:47

I look forward to it. Just make sure, if you find out it's BS...spread the word and call me out, let it be known to all...but that won't happen because there is 0.0000001% change you'll be disappointed....that minimal chance is if you don't like money hahaha


Todd11/18/2020 21:51
Hey thats great but could you advertize else where?many other places to do so. Everyone has price predictions that do research. Looks like your just spamming every stock ticker message board on your list.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 15:14

.... 2. I would either improve the accuracy of information and if I couldn’t to make it profitable for members, I’d shut it down and close this service. As of today, that’s not going to happen...and honestly, anyone that wants to ignore it, especially when the information is clearly provided with proof, that’s their choice...they likely do the same with their own trades by thinking indicators and guesswork will guide them to get rich. If someone wants to blindly trade that’s their choice

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/19/2020 15:09

Ads don’t communicate with people like I do. I will personally answer any question anyone asks about this service and I REALLY like it when someone challenges me on stock prediction prices. It’s not that i want to make anyone look bad with me being right, it’s about the respect and acknowledgement that has to be made. If this information didn’t make ASM members money...1. They wouldn’t be paying for it and most members have been with the service since June 2020...and....

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DahoBillion 11/18/2020 21:50
Great stuff! Joined your FB group. What next?

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:54

Message the A Savage Method official Facebook Business page (not group) if you‘d like to become a member and get this information ahead of time like others.


DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:34
If you guys think this day was good last week on Thursday just wait to see what information I release next week for this week that we are in now. Nearly every stock for buy and sell or only one or two literal pennies off if not perfect. And again this information is given 9 1/2 to 16 hours in advance to members. Why miss out on making money now? I only allow regular everyday investors use the A Savage Method...no wealthy investors get access. Poor and middle class need more money...not them. Take back your money from your losses and make more consistently. 🤷🏻‍♂️ It’s up to you...save $1 and lose $10 or spend a little to make more back than what you paid and consistently profit versus lose.

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:56

I don’t think you can post the links on here without them getting deleted or blocked. But if you look in the picture at the top at the title that will tell you where you can go. There is the official website A Savage Method and you can direct message the official facebook business page A Savage Method if you’d like to become a member.

Thuy11/18/2020 21:47

Can you send me link to join please? Ty

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229****74111/18/2020 21:25
Love these sheets

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 22:02

if you look in the picture at the top at the title that will tell you where you can go. There is the official website A Savage Method and you can direct message the official facebook business page A Savage Method if you’d like to become a member.

229****74111/18/2020 21:44

Where do i join?

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Bo Flexer11/18/2020 21:25
Bro this was a blessing thank u lol

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:28

Are you a member of A Savage Method? If not you should consider joining because this information was not good for today it was only good for last week on Thursday. The information is updated daily with the best buy and sell points. You are not going to find anyone else that does this or comes even close to the accuracy of information provided...corporate or private.


Buffet JrStocksHolic11/18/2020 21:22
thank you for sharing this, a lot of work to do this list👍👍👍👍👍👍

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:25

Yes it is thank you for showing your appreciation. It is not easy to find the right numbers and pattern. And I did not know any other person service or brokerage that can be this accurate on a daily basis or just pennies off. The service is available for anyone to become a member....except those that are wealthy. I want to help only regular everyday investors.


Unsungzero 11/18/2020 21:17

DangerousDayTrader😉😎11/18/2020 21:18

What was funny?


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