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01/10/2021 17:49

Just wanted to share a few screenshots from a few of my 1000s of students this past week! This market is OVERLY HOT, swing plays, intraday news and momo plays, sector plays. This watchlist tonight I am adding more Long term swing ideas. If you want to learn my strategies, 24/7 alerts, 1-1 chart tutoring and much more just comment below to join, lets have another great week!

$SUNDIAL GROWERS INC. $Aileron $Kandi Tech Grp $Gevo $ZW Data Action Technologies Inc $Ideanomics Inc $Jaguar Health $Zomedica Corp$LM Funding$Applied DNA Sciences Inc
LM Funding-2
Applied DNA Sciences Inc-3
ZW Data Action Technologies Inc-4
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Tony Rez 01/10/2021 22:47
Can I please join


MKultra01/10/2021 21:47
I started following you about a year ago. Thank you for your suggestions and enthusiasm. It definitely shows that you really love what you do!

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 22:48

You got it, thanks for the loyalty 🍻


ACheetoDustParticul801/10/2021 21:17
@Ginglet@yahoo lmao look below at Ticker Tracker’s accounts are attacking Spud now too😂🤣🤣

589**54701/10/2021 22:41

another scammer

589**54701/10/2021 22:38

u r a scammer, along with Massamel, u scum need to be in jail, now u making pedo comments

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Ann syed01/10/2021 20:41
What abt cbaT ? Will it rise my im holding at 10.28 ...

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 20:44

Not sure on CBAT catalysts but with Biden president I assume maybe it can have a nice uptrend


Favourhere01/10/2021 19:57
Good day, please is it too late to buy jagx and what is your advice on bngo?

Favourhere01/10/2021 23:47

ok, thank you so much.

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 19:59

Both had major breakouts with catalysts, have to keep an eye on, could have some pull backs before a potential next leg


023***74201/10/2021 19:56
Spud gets 25K from subscription fees he has over 1000 paid members, u paying him 10bucks a month to tell u a stock is running, spud "takes profit" seconds later, joke, 🤡🤡🤡, lol...lmao, anyone can do that.....but spud is da one rolling in dough...🤡🤡 trolls defending him r part of his scam, they get tips and r mods in his group... scammers...go follow someone who knows how to trade & alert

589**54701/10/2021 22:37

you should be in jail for your pedo comment

589**54701/10/2021 22:37

are you a pedo, you likely touch children

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Hal***com01/10/2021 19:38
Any guess on how Apple will perform in the near future?

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 19:39

Not up to date on current catalysts and production revenue for the year, but over the past 10 years its out performed the market substantially


Ben***com01/10/2021 19:36
Spud is legit. learning a ton and making money!


boy***com01/10/2021 19:27
Trolls just stop. No one is scamming anybody. He is offering an advice service for a nominal fee and it is your choice whether you follow the advice or not. Its not like he is taking your money and investing for you and screwing you over. Its your money and your personal responsibility. I personally use his long term plays but am not much of a day trader so dont do the intraday ones.

If anyone in this market is right even 80% of the time that is phenomenal. If you want a sure thing, put your money in a savings account or money market fund. You are the master of your fate, if you are losing money you need only look into a mirror to find someone to blame.

Justin Lopez01/10/2021 21:24

Dude! You cant talk to them like adults. They’re just children they dont understand.

690***42701/10/2021 20:02

your mother on crack when she had u, u need the $10 from subscribers for more cracks scammer

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nei***com01/10/2021 19:27
Can't wait to watch $LM Funding in PreMarket tomorrow!

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 19:30

Could be a multi week runner we’ll see


Spin01/10/2021 19:22
Spuds the best!! We believe! He’s made me money ! Come join ! Its only 10.00 a month and you will make that back in minutes !!! You cant find this price anywhere on the planet!!

🎲 SpudZone01/10/2021 19:25

Thanks for the kind words spin


699***53801/10/2021 19:02
spud, signals is how he is "watching" a ticker and then goes "boom, called it" 5 seconds later..monkey can signal better than spud

eas***com01/10/2021 23:31

is that right? let's see you try being a monkey as you put it. I think all you can do is talk trash bcuz your ass don't give a shit about helping other people other than your lazy lame ass


699***53801/10/2021 19:01
spud got kicked out for stealing tips, spud paper trades, & his signals r garbage, he does not list entries or exits, why pay him 10 bucks for penny pumping, monkey can signal better than spud, all he signals is how he is "watching" a ticker and then goes "boom, called it" 5 seconds later..


atjtrade1@gmail.co m01/10/2021 18:37

689***53601/10/2021 19:10

posting profit screens from the internet..🤡🤡🤡🤡 gtfo

689***53601/10/2021 19:09

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡scam, that profit expiration, doesn't match the signals from. screenshot, the signal screenshot r from 01-8, profit already expired, scammer


Dare Gug01/10/2021 18:24
Spuddy bubby how you doing in scaming your Students. Like you the stock grue of scams
Did you infor then how it works Tou take their money and buy a stock tell them to buy it and you cash out leaving theM hold the bag
I bet you didn’t I bet you said you will make them money You a crimal How do you even sleep at night I bet you have many loCks on your doors

eas***com01/10/2021 23:35

keep doing what you do my man. Looks like the people like what you do. There will always be haters.

Justin Lopez01/10/2021 23:13

I dare you to make one correctly spelled complete sentence that at the very least makes any sense or has a basis to your argument.

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