Financial Freedom

01/13/2021 19:44

$Bionano Genomics $Nano Dimension $Foresight Atnms $FuelCell Energy $Clean Enrgy Fuel $Gevo $Plug Power $Fuel Tech $CBAK Energy Tech

Already 100% (50% realized and 50% unrealized gains) since my last post in Nov 2020.
Biden stocks ( renewable energy, charging stations, EV's, battery, solar) and spac plays helped me achieved my goals.
Disicpline and some good research.
You know this trend will keep going. I hope to inspire everyone and best of luck to all of us.
CBAK Energy Tech-0
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All Comments(19)

wovasteen01/13/2021 23:52
You have a Samsung don't ya


James Oun01/13/2021 22:36
I sure need advice and a mentor to guide me through this process. No luck at all, over 5 years trading. 🤦‍♂️please help

tag***com01/14/2021 06:47

join awesome10x.com

Financial Freedom01/14/2021 02:05

I am just an ordinary trader/investir not a real pro, I watch Youtube videos, most of them are also recommendations but still I do my own research.
I don't sell for small gains, most of them I keep it like a month to 3 months, and never chase daily runners, that's where you will lose alot.


dewfuel01/13/2021 22:23
great job man. happy for ya!


Arrow01/13/2021 21:16
I want to be like you when i grow up 😅


O.N.T01/13/2021 21:16
yikes. that's too much for me

Financial Freedom01/13/2021 21:19

I just follow other's advise to 'diversify' Lol


JAY D01/13/2021 20:29
Whats realized vs Unrealized?


maui01/13/2021 20:17
Dam yooo!!!


bitcoinalbert8701/13/2021 20:07
So I have $674 to spare right now. What do you recommend?

bitcoinalbert8701/13/2021 20:21


Financial Freedom01/13/2021 20:11

I don't want to recommend any particular company but invest to those that this Admin will support, read back my post 👌


big country01/13/2021 20:00
damn son. how long have you had those in?!

Financial Freedom01/13/2021 20:02

most of them Dec 1st week.
I already got rid of my chinese EV's..
Since Biden won, I figured this stocks will soar.
Spacs also are great money maker if you get in early


JHOFF01/13/2021 19:54
Dope nice job 👍


An0maly.01/13/2021 19:50
somebody had a 100k to play with lol gj man

Financial Freedom01/13/2021 19:56

Nope I did not start with 100K


Josica01/13/2021 19:47
black out your account number for safety .just protect yourself

Financial Freedom01/13/2021 19:48

ow Thanks..


Rob01/13/2021 19:47
God damn! How do you manage all that lol

Financial Freedom01/13/2021 19:50

Well I base it in fundamentals so no worries since I am mostly longterm on these except for spacs


Kay***com01/13/2021 19:47
daamn nice


JHenny9101/13/2021 19:47
Looking good bro


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