01/26/2021 02:18

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Silver Surfer 01/26/2021 05:44
just wish the trumpsters said truth for once....instead they just spread lies...

Dakota RoughRider01/26/2021 09:09

Trumpers lie lol Russian Collusion turned out to be Democrats colluding just like China is being proven more every day.
they nominated sleazy joe because he forgot he cheated and that he is acting pres.


Pump it 01/26/2021 03:37
Good. oil and gas companies is bad for the environment. Clean energy companies will create millions of jobs

Dollars & Sense01/26/2021 09:58

Please explain how solar or in this case wave generated electric can harm the environment in any way... So ignorant!

Dakota RoughRider01/26/2021 09:10

Too bad people think Electric is green and efficient, its not, do the research


770****36201/26/2021 03:35
Is this a political forum or platform for stock discussion? Election is over, deal the outcome.

dragón 01/26/2021 04:09

Lol buddy politics tie into the stock market if biden has plans for more green energy green energy stock will go up today he said he would make an all electric fleet and hes banning a lot of oil

luk***com01/26/2021 03:39

This has absolutely nothing to do with election outcomes dawg it has to do with the way oil companies / etc will be effected by this💯


bob***com01/26/2021 03:11
Hahaha you get what you vote for “i wont ban fracking” day 7 BANNED hahahaha i love it dude is a walking liar


ENSmind01/26/2021 02:44

YoungMoneyFuture01/26/2021 03:07

It doesn't matter, he is currently the president chain reactions of variables will occur regardless, DEAL WITH IT!


sch***com01/26/2021 02:32
Biden just put alot of people out of work. he's a joke. he's not doing anything good for you.

Cosmic Drone01/26/2021 12:06

Its like beeper employees being replaced by cellphone employees. We can’t keep obsolete technology Around out of sentimental value

Alpha01/26/2021 09:18

People that think like you are a strain on earth never looking for progression

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YoungMoneyFuture01/26/2021 02:25
@SHORTNERD....YOU FOOL! Every moment has unlimited opportunities! Get your limited/Negative mindset away from my infinite fountain/Powerful/Endless mindset! Do whatever you want! While I grab my rake and rake in some more profits!💰💰💰😎💰💰💰Later FOOL


AZal01/26/2021 02:23
This is good for GEVO right?

YoungMoneyFuture01/26/2021 02:29



ShortNerd01/26/2021 02:20
oh wow big freaking deal , it's not like it's going to help with this get back to 65

ShortNerd01/26/2021 02:23

the guy says morning that's how clueless he is just like everybody here they don't even know what there doing

$HAySTaCKeR$01/26/2021 02:22


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Firepaws01/26/2021 02:20
I bet those swing states wished they voted for Trump now. Wait til he starts banning certain guns and limiting ammunition

Dakota RoughRider01/26/2021 09:13

they did, the satellite from Italy changed them, not rocket science.
Biden got smoked.
military must know it since they are not saluting sleazy joe

Dev01/26/2021 05:16

Y’all take politics too serious 💀 as long as you are making money shut up

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