01/06/2021 01:20

$UWM Holdings Corporation today we tested the lows also the rsi was on the overbought side for 1 month chart by now hope you guys are in because the closer we get to the mereger the higher price you will see on your screen i saw many people paniced when the price dropped to 12.35 but i didn't because i know what is coming i did my dd for this company and this is not good only for swing trade but also for long term.
Remember there's always retracment on the market but sometimes you need to feel the paint in order to get the pleasure 😉
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All Comments(4)

mpi***com01/06/2021 03:17
holding 1k shares. gonna sell covered calls when the premium shoots up. 🤑🤑

TraderTruth01/06/2021 05:54

Not a bad idea! Buy options exchange for shares. Sell calls. Also not a bad idea to sell puts rn


Mr.Roboto01/06/2021 02:08
$UWM Holdings Corporation Gap looks pretty nicely filled I'd say
UWM Holdings Corporation-0

Mr.Roboto01/06/2021 02:20

Look up volume profile. My charting software is called Sierra Chart but there are others that let you do it. None that are free as far as I am aware though.

bra***com01/06/2021 02:14

What is this chart and how did you create it? I need to know more.


Sha***com01/06/2021 01:35
I am in it for the long hall! 800 shares😎

Sam***com01/06/2021 03:17

same here bro i have 700 shares at 13.26

DealHunter01/06/2021 01:40

good job👍


Jsh***com01/06/2021 01:26
Thoughts on post merger PT? Very familiar with the company and agree there is a lot of upside here.

Jason LaComfora01/06/2021 08:04

I'd say we're looking at 19-21 day 1 of new ticker with end of day at 15.

Next day 22-25 upwards of 30.

DealHunter01/06/2021 01:39

if you ask about the price what will be post merger nobody knows i see everyone giving 25,30,35 even 40 but this is just speculations what i know is get in before the big whales from wall street start buying millions of shares this is our game for retail investors get in before the giants like C.Woods from Ark and all others my target price after the merger is a 30 i think we have great chance to hit that!


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