Not Karen

01/11/2021 21:09

$UWM Holdings Corporation Every stock that I have ever been in that was blatantly manipulated/shorted has gone on to at least double the share price. Just hold strong, buy the dipps, and know what you hold. With the heavy institutional ownership they dictate the price action, right now they are making money by lending shares to short and burning theta, when the right pr Drops they will trap the shorts and this will rip like no tomorrow.
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Don Wanderley 01/12/2021 12:02
Let me get another pic of you.


Not Karen01/12/2021 01:31

Not Karen01/12/2021 03:19

Naw, she is built like a man.. she is a mma fighter i belive. I think I google hot man chick Lololol

TineNY—Lava girl01/12/2021 02:24

Ugh whateves gn gpa

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TineNY—Lava girl01/12/2021 01:25
Karen has my 🫀

TineNY—Lava girl01/12/2021 01:40

Ugh gpa i want a sweet emoji

Not Karen01/12/2021 01:30

When you are so old you dont have emojis on your nokia brick


TineNY—Lava girl01/11/2021 23:27
Omg are u hiding from me??

Not Karen01/12/2021 01:38

Yes, lolol

TineNY—Lava girl01/12/2021 01:16

Gpa do u even know what that means?

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Peter Gray01/11/2021 22:14
Tell them To make it rip before feb 19th


Nakun01/11/2021 21:22
finally, you speak like a man..😆😆😆😆😆

Not Karen01/11/2021 21:22

All 9”


⁴²⁰⁴²⁰⁴²⁰01/11/2021 21:18
I agree


Jet86001/11/2021 21:10
Whats your real name dude?

Don Wanderley 01/12/2021 00:34


Not Karen01/11/2021 21:20

No cat fish here, just a chic with a dic

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Will01/11/2021 21:10
Exactly, finally someone smart in this feed. 😅


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