Big Baller B

11/11/2020 22:00

to all my followers, hope yall got in 2 weeks ago when i alerted shipping companies. they started moving today and I still expect more. $EuroDry Ltd $Globus Maritime $Sino-Global $Euroseas $Pyxis Tankers etc. if y'all got in early, don't forget to secure some profits, NOT all. everyone else, hit that follow for more great "high IQ trades" as my son calls them!!
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All Comments(6)

PaPaStewySnipes11/11/2020 22:58
it is shipping season....

PaPaStewySnipes11/11/2020 22:58

enjoy the rewards


LilSpike11/11/2020 22:36
@Big Baller B you da real MVP!!! Thanks for making me that money!!!

Happykona11/11/2020 23:41

Thank you

Big Baller B11/11/2020 22:38

I don't do anything but alert, yall have to actually push the buttons and make the decisions


GreEnSpikeS11/11/2020 22:19
I've taking about glbs way before the split. checkout Izea....its about to explode.


Happykona11/11/2020 22:11
Today sell all seven Companies ?

Happykona11/11/2020 22:16

Thank you

Big Baller B11/11/2020 22:14

i usually don't tell people how to sell. but securing some profits here on the big moves isn't a bad idea. i still expect movement.


Happykona11/11/2020 22:09
Me too!! thank you


GB Ced11/11/2020 22:08
u really know your stuff. I saw u alerted this weeks ago

GB Ced11/11/2020 22:37

i actually didn't buy EDRY. i bought SHIP and TOPS. Im going to buy some of the other shippers u alerted. Glitch or outage on Monday morning set me back a few grand

Big Baller B11/11/2020 22:09

hope you got in and made some πŸ’°


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