09/25/2020 11:45

$TESLA you mean to tell me that for $2,000 I get download a software in the model Y and that is going tot make that car faster without replacing parts?

Tesla’s revenue is going to be ridiculous. They are doing the same thing GTA V did. You bought the game for $60 at $GameStop when it eas released and then bought over $500 of new updates throughout the years even until today!

This is a game changer for car manufacturers. Tesla‘s leading the way 🧠

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All Comments(19)

Tiv***com09/25/2020 23:18
F tesla elon musk is the most greedy with his fake stone age starship lol


Star09/25/2020 16:59
@⚜️⚜️SupremeTrades⚜️⚜️ where was your post on trades crossing the line using Heiken Ashi?

⚜️⚜️SupremeTrades⚜️⚜️09/25/2020 17:06

Its in my profile scroll ⬇️


sco***com09/25/2020 16:09
We Spend thousand of dollars moding our fuel type cars With programers and parts for more power. On new cars we have factory aproved parts that are aftermarket but doesn’t void your Warranty. It costs mony to wright and download programs. the Tesla upgrade is factory aproved and safe for your car. think before complaining sometimes.


Reh***com09/25/2020 15:33


PAXpress09/25/2020 14:28
Think if you break out how much horsepower is added its way cheaper than adding that much horsepower to an ice.


⚜️⚜️SupremeTrades⚜️⚜️09/25/2020 13:18
Like imagine people going to shop for a 25k tesla. But then they want more features and end up paying 10k more over the next 4 years. In reality they ended up paying 35k which is the average price for a car at the dealer without even replacing it. What really worries me is how these cars will have all our information from contacts to our every movement. They can even get paid for advertising local food restaurants on the screen just like kn TV


InvestorSylvester09/25/2020 12:28
Tesla will 🚀🚀🚀


ClevelandTrader09/25/2020 12:25
If you buy a car and then afterwards charge you more money to unlock more features the car is already capable of and you think it's cool and not a scam... Then your not very smart.
Suppose you bought a fan, and then months later the company sends you an offer if you pay more money we can make it go faster and blow more AIR. Connect fan to USB, goto website and pay up.
Would you think that's awesome technology? If you do, you might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.

⚜️⚜️SupremeTrades⚜️⚜️09/25/2020 13:14

Bro it’s like buying a Supra. From stock it’s already a beast but with upgrades you can unlock more potential north of 1000hp.

A Bull Named Bear...09/25/2020 12:54

How is it a scam if they tell you up front that you have the option to upGrade features in the future if you want to? Its no different than car buying now. You can buy the base model or you can spend more and get a better performing car. Tesla just made it so you dont have to buy a new car everytime you want different features...


Kam.09/25/2020 12:22
y'all have never heard of a tune eh... surprised software can make the car faster.. it's not new lmao


Macatee09/25/2020 12:20
Yes that is possible


C8Stingray2109/25/2020 12:15
Automotive loot crates are a wonderful thing!


Hatguy09/25/2020 12:04
Yeah i am loading up after the crash !


Gill20909/25/2020 12:03
U got to b fukin wid me Elon: an update to a car that yields more horsepowe—take my fukin money already For christ sake💰

ClevelandTrader09/25/2020 12:28

Take my money, but then talk about free over the air updates on your car... A fool and their money are soon parted... Must be on Elons mission statement.

blackbeauty09/25/2020 12:11


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BigC 8%09/25/2020 11:57
It should be free

jos***com09/25/2020 12:14

why? lmao everything should be free i guess


BigC 8%09/25/2020 11:56
It should be free


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