02/20/2021 17:59

$GameStop Just stop and think for a second. Short squeeze aside. If gme was to transition from a brick and mortor to an online gaming bohemoth, I think it's fair value I would be close at least half of pinterest. The gaming industry is huge and I see gme worth at least that. With that said, that brings gme to a share price of 250 at 25B, and a 50B market cap is worth around 500/share. Sure a short squeeze is nice but say if it doesn't this stock is worth that much without it. And I think that's DFV thought process as well.
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All Comments(5)

ale***com02/20/2021 18:13

Let'sMakeMoneyandMemes02/20/2021 18:20

like I said no short squeeze


ale***com02/20/2021 18:13
this is all assuming gamestop's corporate sector is innovated enough to make that transition.

$$$One$$$02/20/2021 19:42

they've hired Amazon veterans so new talent in the house

Milkmoney02/20/2021 18:15

Well the odds with Cohen I see it happening. He turned a pet retail store huge. Selling pet stuff I'd assume is harder than selling digital games online.


Teddy Daws02/20/2021 18:08
Also the way gamming is becoming with build your own games. i can see GME going that way aswell. just look at roblox, my 9 year daughter makes at least 300 a month with game she made and is now playable to all on the platform.

Milkmoney02/20/2021 18:12

And those are just platforms. Gme has platforms and contracts for hard copies and they sell merch.

Milkmoney02/20/2021 18:10

Exactly. Even steam is profitable and origin, and gog, and GME can be just like that easily.


Milkmoney02/20/2021 18:08
Say ur right. This still makes gme undervalued if it does transition. And a 20B market cap for a online gaming industry is cheap. That's still 10x from this range.

Let'sMakeMoneyandMemes02/20/2021 18:11



Let'sMakeMoneyandMemes02/20/2021 18:04
there is no short squeeze bro... those guys don't know what they're talking about


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