02/21/2021 01:42

$GameStop someone explain.. the leader of the "movement of the little guy vs the big investors" has literally been outed as a millionaire professional investor, and now he just pulled another 2 million dollars out of nowhere even though he supposedly never sold gme.. and he's still associated with the "little guy" 🤔🤣 is there something I'm missing?
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Mob02/21/2021 02:58
You not buying nuff said


MERP02/21/2021 02:35
he worked in marketing, enjoy your 5 bucks clown


Lagviper02/21/2021 02:17
He was loaded on calls that made him ~14M$. Really easy to keep up his positions if you follow his YOLO GME updates, if you’re going to go into conspiracy theories , at least start with some very basic and easy research.


Riskydog02/21/2021 01:47
He took some profits otw up is how he made his millions. its all right lain & transparent in his posts. sold like 13m out of 60 he could have sold. He is a man after all, not diety.

Stonkhold Syndrome02/21/2021 03:08

DFV is not doing what HFs do. HFs are LITERALLY holding and loaning and repositioning your shares. They are LITERALLY depressing the market on purpose. They are LITERALLY controlling order flow. DFV is just an average investor with not even that many shares who made some videos. He doesn't have access to MEDIA, POWER, FUD, or any other crowd control methods. False equivalency

Cha***com02/21/2021 02:53

yep, exactly, dfv and wsb are doing what hedge funds do. all moving at once to artificially change the stock price, force a squeeze and profit. hedge funds short the stock down, force a sell off and make money.

i think the difference is the hedge funds can change the rules when they lose and that's why ppl are upset. they feel like they finally made a solid play even if its artificially changing the stock price, and are upset that they cant do what hedge funds do

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only 3 tickers moved up, the rest went down from last weekend WL , we used this chance to load more and "play dead" , we will be happy soon!
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