02/22/2021 12:25

$GameStop And stop saying i have puts, option trading is for people that cant afford actual shares. I have no position in this anymore. Made 200k off this stock bull and bear. I know when to pull out of a stock with all my profit and i know when to short. you retards only stick to one side. how you make money in the stock market is playing both sides but none of you have the capital to do so. So you scrounge up your change from your coUch and put it in your webull account and buy bull shit stocks. If you had actual money you wouldnt be holding. but hold onto that read. You reedit investors deserve this in everyway
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All Comments(10)

???02/22/2021 13:14
thats alot of words just to tell me to hold guy

Nueveunouno02/22/2021 13:37

Gme has been trading sideways for two weeks? How much could you have possibly made? Surely you remember the moves you made to make 200k.

732****62202/22/2021 13:16

I didnt ignore you bum. i just told you i day trade. I would have to scroll through 100s possibly 1000s of trades to find my gme shorts and buys

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Nueveunouno02/22/2021 12:54
Are your puts printing 🏳️‍🌈🐻


bay area vibes02/22/2021 12:43
How does your bragging help anyone? How does it even help you? How come you have no followers? How come you come you only started posting 6 days ago? How come....how come.......How come.....🧐

???02/22/2021 13:13

hes not ok

732****62202/22/2021 12:58

Yeah i thought u needed a laugh today considerign you are holding an L

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celestial algorithm 02/22/2021 12:29
why do you care so much? if you made your money good for you, why you still in these comments?


Jus***com02/22/2021 12:28


Yolo Acct02/22/2021 12:28
Dude you didnt make 200k. your post history proves you started trading at the top of gme. youre trash

Nueveunouno02/22/2021 12:43


AlphaTrader02/22/2021 12:35

Guess that picture is hard to find on google images

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Letsgo 02/22/2021 12:27
Someones throwing a hissy fit

732****62202/22/2021 12:28

But you in the red right


Phreak02/22/2021 12:27
Grumpy much?

Nueveunouno02/22/2021 12:55

Someone broke his bum. He had a rough weekend

732****62202/22/2021 12:29

But in the red right


Ser Pounce02/22/2021 12:26
Whats your current put position?

Nueveunouno02/22/2021 12:31

He doesnt have one, hes full of shit.

732****62202/22/2021 12:26

Just said i dont have one but like i said retards


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