02/22/2021 19:39

$BTG Alot of people asking where you can buy XLM, Doge and Nearly Every Popular Crypto. 

Download   🔥 Voyager App 🔥
Promocode 🌟 JACB35 🌟 You will earn $25 in Free Bitcoin after first $100 Deposit.

Voyager is Free to use and Transactions are instant.  Have been using it for several months and paid no fees.  It also has access to most coins and allows you to earn interest on each coin.  Alsi is very user friendly and gives you tons of data.

Due to rapid surge in new accounts voyager currently has a waitlist! Worth the wait!

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LionsShare02/22/2021 23:54
Used your code so hopefully you credit to your account. Again thanks for sharing. Once off the waitlist I’ll be able to buy Nexo to earn interest and trade $DogeCoin Webull is really missing out on not trading other cryptos but I’m sure they’ll add other cryptos soon.


Matthew 02/22/2021 22:22
Uphold or Bittrue for xrp, can buy those other ones too.


kay33!02/22/2021 21:12
this app doesn't let us buy XRP


LionsShare02/22/2021 20:14
Thx for sharing. Checking out Voyager now.


Fact Checker02/22/2021 19:59
Metal Pay is another free app (% on transactions) but is a nice app that can be used for P2P paying and has access to dozens of cryptos.


703****89402/22/2021 19:50
this Is seriously the only way your getting your money back from XLM loss, what a cry for messing up bto hahaha


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