Cha Cha

02/23/2021 16:37

$GameStop If there are any apes still left in here we desperately need your help over at AMC…… There are a lot of new traders and the bots got to them and they removed their sell orders..... in two days the stock is gone from only having 60,000 shares available to be shorted to 1,500,000 shares available to be shorted…… We need help getting the word out that these people need to set their sell limits to $500 or higher or we are never going to even be able to break even let alone make a profit
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Cha Cha02/23/2021 16:51
I literally begged people beg them not to remove their sell limit orders.... The problem is there are too many people in this stock that are too inexperienced at trading and have never done a gamma or a short squeeze and don’t understand that holding is not enough you have to make your shares unavailable it’s essentially supply and demand.... The stock is not going to move into double or triple digits if our sell limits are not set higher


DiamondBackGorilla02/23/2021 16:51
Cha Cha is a short or bot dont pay him no mind

Cha Cha02/23/2021 16:55

You have eight damn followers.... I have over 100 followers.... I’ve been trading for 35 years


Hokage 02/23/2021 16:42
done. I posted hope it helps


PinkElephants02/23/2021 16:38
Sadly most platforms arent allowing sale orders to go that high. thats part of the stifling

Cha Cha02/23/2021 16:47

Even if you set it for $100 or $150 or $200 but the price is going up a dollar or two dollars is complete and total bullshit when it should’ve jumped 20-40-60 dollars when it started to move it should have jumped at least 20 if not $40 when it went to move


Hokage 02/23/2021 16:37
got you


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