05/27/2020 03:45

$Genius Brands I think some people look at the market top trending gains for the day, Past 5 minutes And see movement and immediately Jump without knowing what they are buying. Then ssk shat should i do.
Followers not leaders

Read book about trading Perhaps stock trading for dummies. Im sure that is out there. Learn to read graphs and charts, read reports, listen to consumers, learn definitions and what stop loss is or limits. Know your risks and do your homework people. Stop asking to see the work of others.

Ive put myself through all kinds of education and schooling Insurances, annuities. Working IRA & roths, etc

I dont share for free what i can get paid Give.

Finally, and this is a biggie for all of you who panic. If you cant afford to lose all the money you put in to stocks than find another gig. This isnt for you
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All Comments(7)

Evo***com05/27/2020 04:28
get your head out of your keister


Fisker05/27/2020 04:22
he's speaking truth, people on here asking if they should sell cause they are up 5 bucks


LuchaDozer05/27/2020 04:12
Jay sounds like he knows his shit. Jay bought genius. Therefore i will buy more genius .


ThisFnGuy05/27/2020 04:11
To the moooon?


LuchaDozer05/27/2020 04:10
This is still a good stock


TMO05/27/2020 04:00


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$NIO Inc. In at 2.75. i haven't sold and neither should you.Desynch Hdin 09/30/2020 00:55
$TESLA I am voting for Joe Bidden😂😂😂
This is the wrong guy to bully. LolGreedKills 09/30/2020 04:19
Good afternoon
How is everyone doing?
Before we start let's pray together
"Father, we come to You again with confidence and trust. We are not afraid to trust You. You have never yet failed or disappointed us, when we have come to You with our needs — and You will not fail nor disappoint us now. Help us to believe in You, even when all things seem to be against us, knowing that it is because the story of Your providence is not finished, that it seems to move adversely for us."

Today i achieve my goal
$WESTWATER RES buy yesterday 2 sell today 4
now a step closer to economic freedom. If you guys didn't make any money don't go hard on yourself you there will have other opportunities
This is the stock i am buying tonight and sell tomorrow for 10%+ gains.
$$CTi Biopharma
$$Jiayin Group

Also watching
$$LM Funding
$$China HGS
$$Genius Brands

Have a peaceful night.
Remember to repent forgive and pray for the world and the president.
To YAHUSHA alone be the glorymastertrader101 09/29/2020 21:56
$Nikola Corporation just wait and see!!Stud muffin 09/30/2020 00:01

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