09/04/2020 20:54

$Genius Brands ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ So much emotion in here. Nobody in GNUS long cares what shorts think. You trade on emotion. We trade on factual data. Watch what their Q3 revenue says. Gonna blow Q2 out of the water, and so on and so on in to the future. Genius Brands is a winner to anyone with an active brain. This is simply market manipulation by hedge funds. And I assure you, none of these small time shorts on here control any of this shit you see below. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ This is algorithm trading and hedge fun manipulation. That's a fact. Not an opinion.
Genius Brands-0
Genius Brands-1
Genius Brands-2
Genius Brands-3
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bri***com09/04/2020 21:41
I am using this time as an opportunity to collect as many as I can, and will have them for free selling OTM covered calls on them before they ever get sold.


EsoHealth09/04/2020 21:27
Do you people have any idea what it takes to create a business profiting just $1 million annually. I'll give you an idea. I have been in hemp since 2015. One of the very first 100 CBD brands to get established in the United States. I am also a licensed series 3 agricultural broker. I move hemp in mass quantities to processors and oil in mass quantities to brands all over the world. In 5 years of incredibly hard and diligent work, this will be the very first year I will clear $1 million in my business. I have 32 employees and EsoHealth is in 186 retail stores around the world. To build a company of GNUS stature, it takes far longer than my time in my company. Get a clue. You can either get educated, or remain emotional. I will reenter this stock this next week most likely, after confirmation of a bottom.


WEPC09/04/2020 21:16
They dont understand because they are NOT investors. They are short minded.

Atoadaso09/04/2020 21:18

Seriously, its a shit pennystock.


Atoadaso09/04/2020 21:11
Youre too emotional.. and you forgot facts

Fact- the only thing gnus has shown is that they cant turn a meaningful profit

Fact- Gnus is not going to be Netflix

Atoadaso09/05/2020 19:49

Yeah, you dont know the difference between an opinion and fact. Good luck

EsoHealth09/05/2020 07:59

People like you can't be taught. Because you think you know everything. That's exactly how you grow a company and keep your profits. By spending it to avoid federal taxes. Believe it or not. I couldn't give a shit less. And I don't lose money. Not in 5 years of trading have I sold while down and I am up roughly 2,000% across all brokerages I use. Patience and knowledge. Get some of it. I will reenter this next week with probably 25,000 shares. I will post a picture just for you when I do.

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bga***com09/04/2020 21:06
q3 better blow Q2 outta the water....Q2 was 4x the share price but negative lol.


Lee 09/04/2020 21:00
You are 100% right You are one of the few that actually know what your talking about.

in long 5 year+


Douglas09/04/2020 20:59
Theyโ€™ve already said Q3 is bad.


Okie09/04/2020 20:57
lmao you must be a huge bagger

EsoHealth09/04/2020 21:03

Zero bags here. As I stated, I have an active brain and know when to enter and exit. What I stated are facts though. Every single part of it. I will absolutely be in GNUS over and over and over for the next 20+ years. Guaranteed. Zero debt, great material and subject matter, contacts, long term relationships, valuable IP, etc, etc, etc.


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