Bullz Deep

09/05/2020 02:51

$Genius Brands Lets put something Into perspective here. Netflix started in late 1990s and started making profit in early 2000s. it took almost 10 years to see profit for the company with a revenue around 200m. then they started making original content in 2013. before that time they were streaming terrible movies. i remember it like it was yesterday. Genius is already creating original content as well as acquiring lucrative additions to its platform. Genius was founded 2013. They are building their platform presumably to collect data and interest in the brand and platform. Once interest is given to Genius i can only assume but they may then make it a paid subscription for various content/ad free watching. Next year we may very well see the fruits of Genius’s hard work. If you want my opinion i say keep buying shares at this low price while you can. everyone complaining about being aT such a massive loss but have tens of thousands of shares. dont complain. youre in a great spot. we may see between a netflix or roku valuation in the next 5 years and youll think back to this post and appreciate that you held your shares.
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YOTA09/06/2020 04:27


dww***com09/05/2020 12:48
So many don't understand the Markets. Apple had issues and bought Steve Jobs back to fix a company that almost went bankrupt. Amazon use to be on the news daily with issues. People loaded up on overpriced Qualcomm & Cisco. Pet.com was the Hostest Stock going. Than the corrections took place. It's going to play out with GNUS. Good numbers, apps, programs, future programs and stars. Toy sales 2 years from now this will be in a lot better shape than now. A lot will get burned or kick themselves for not holding


THEGREENHELIUM09/05/2020 10:14
Unfortunatey there is no guarentee that GNUS wont reverse split. If they do investors will lose tona of money over night.

In short: be careful and dont get married to this stock and certainly dont do an all in YOLO on any stock. Doing so is just asking to get burnt


MAMBAMENTALITY_KB82409/05/2020 08:52
Lmao alright we got 9 more yRs to profit ladies and getlemen! Lmao Netflix is way different than gnus man! Gnus is like 1-5% of netflix!

Meta4ickal 09/05/2020 17:42

was thinking same thing myself bullz 😂😂😂

Bullz Deep09/05/2020 08:56

Think about what you just said. 1-5% Of netflix? Great that means were undervalued 1-5% should equal 5-25$ per share. thanks for the clarification.


Mellow09/05/2020 05:21
Netflix was a total game changer and people had to understand it and get used to it. Gnus is a sack of shit

Bullz Deep09/05/2020 05:23

Negative. GNUS is a free platform. how are parents not going to use it?

Bullz Deep09/05/2020 05:23

Negative. GNUS is a free platform. how are parents not going to use it?


Starkiller09/05/2020 03:35
Youre comparing apples to shit basically. wtf you doing marrying a penny stock. 🤣🤣🤣

Bullz Deep09/05/2020 03:36

Lol no... if you actually read my post genius is in a better spot then netflix at its infancy.


rab***com09/05/2020 03:29
Thats what i am thinking too


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