09/12/2020 16:59

$Genius Brands The emotion from the shorts is comical. πŸ˜‚ Why are you here otherwise? Up $28k on GNUS swing trades. Back in at $1.02 on 5,000 shares. If we get confirmation of bottom I will load up 20,000 shares again. This company is a winner to anyone with an active brain. If you don't like research, you will be here talking negatively about GNUS. The lack of intellect is apparent in your typo filled, zero punctuation nonsense. You're not scaring anyone. You don't have enough money to. This is driven down by hedge funds dropping $20 million in puts. So shut your 80 IQ asses up and go make your beer money in a company that is actually shit.
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All Comments(9)

EsoHealth09/15/2020 16:49
Here's proof for you derelicts. Go handle your $1000 brokerage accounts and STFU.


raining money09/13/2020 01:53
What so many seem not to understand is GNUS spent the last 5 years making these shows and had no interest in making money at that time, not part of the plan, now they released them and have their toys in the market. So to the lack of understandes they literally just started, wait for the next ER and the one after that. This is an investment stock not a day trading stock


HorseshoeOverlook09/12/2020 19:55
really? lets see some proof of that money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

you sir, are a fish.

EsoHealth09/15/2020 16:49

Posted above for you, dipshit.


Nandolorian09/12/2020 18:25
With confidence. what show in their line up is actually going to make them money? lol Rainbow Rangers? stan lees show without any marvel character? llam llama the Arthur knockoff? or are they gong to rely on ad revenue and lack luster toy sales that were purchased by their own investors?

raining money09/13/2020 01:45

As far as the lack luster toys sales as you put it shows your lack luster of keeping up with this company, all their toys and bikes sell out very quickly

Gen Wealth09/12/2020 23:16

U say rely on ad revenue like its a bad thing lol... just think how many coMpanies β€œrely on ad revenue” that are top tier companies


slingbladervader09/12/2020 18:23
great grammar 🀣

EsoHealth09/15/2020 16:50

Is it hard for you to comprehend? Or are you just shit at the English language?


Nandolorian09/12/2020 18:23
.87 by late october

Gen Wealth09/12/2020 23:15



Vic09/12/2020 17:22
I agreed with you ,i guess my lack Of education didn’t help me to get my point Across a picky reader.


cake.fresco09/12/2020 17:19


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