09/14/2020 05:18

$Genius Brands People who are making acersion that this stock will go to .50 cents or .28 cents have no clue at all. Its all specultion with no claim to back them up.
The thing is if it does drop we investors will just keep buying cause at the end of the day we know what we have invested in and we believe it. so i truly would wish for all negative infouencers to just go some place else and use your time for some other things rather than comment things to try to play without emotion.
Anyways just sit back and watch this stock GNUS will rise
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All Comments(5)

Jmoss09/14/2020 10:24
You dopes said it would never get back to $1.50


Bullshort09/14/2020 09:18
They read the “news” and they believe it’s going to happen over night. Lol smh. I’m short term bearish but bullish in the long run. This will definitely drop below .60 again though. No doubt it will see that again before we even see 2-2.50 again. I’ve been waiting for shares in the .50s and I’m going to load up because this should see at least 6.00 or so again by Q2 next year. Even if it doesn’t stay there, it will at least reach it at pne point or another. As long as nothing goes too terribly wrong with plans.. ER will start looking good by Q1. Q2 should be even better. Fingers crossed that everything goes as close to planned as possible.🤞🤑


Douglas09/14/2020 08:02
It was diluted and everyone knows Q3 ER is gonna be bad. Currently overpriced.

SanchezFlanchez09/14/2020 08:28



EMS09/14/2020 06:00
Thats the 24/7 miserable job a shorter gets when buying puts; lying and trying to brainwash investors into selling or not buying must be exhausting work. Not to mention immoral 🤥


Andrew09/14/2020 05:29
Lol people been saying that same speech since this was 7.00 a share

GoCryAlone09/14/2020 06:39

a growing stock with good news coming out all the time cant go down forever

MalonAkane 09/14/2020 05:34

Yes but this will be the reversal , the tide will change


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