09/24/2020 14:41

$Genius Brands im faithful for life, hold on to you with Joyce even when you down
Genius Brands-0
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All Comments(11)

Tahoe_Bull09/29/2020 07:03


Mik09/24/2020 16:25
Good God, my king... I think she’s gone


cake.fresco09/24/2020 16:11
here with you bro bro. 12k shares at 2.65 average. thinking of adding 3k more at 1.05

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 16:35

afd more now


car***com09/24/2020 15:56
oh I'm so sorry about that


Tom***my09/24/2020 15:33
How bout this for legend

leg***com09/24/2020 19:13

how far over you holding?


P8ntball Daddy09/24/2020 15:03
Thank you lord im not alone on my journey

P8ntball Daddy09/24/2020 15:49

Nope been here averaging down since the circuit breakers at 6.15

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 15:13

u new?


min***com09/24/2020 15:03
41k shares at 1.69.. hold strong in here more than 3months now lol

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 15:08

great average. I might need to add 10k more to catch up with u


Zig09/24/2020 15:02
Damn dude, I felt good holding 1k lol. Good luck to you brother.

Zig09/24/2020 16:10

hey, gotta pay the bills too! Did pick up 100 more this morning. I hope to add more before it goes too far north with an average of 1.10 now.

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 15:13

scare money don't make money.. add more fool


Vangee 09/24/2020 14:58
Ouch it had one run back in june man

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 15:00

was average down since fomo buy June. I think my 1.95 is good for now


September09/24/2020 14:48
so sad
I'm holding it for long life 🤧😭😭

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 14:48

happy don't be sad


914****54709/24/2020 14:45
what a legend. one day that will pay big time.

Mr.YOLO09/24/2020 14:46



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