11/14/2020 04:53

$Genius Brands Funny shit is that those holding high averages will probably make the most money long term as they are forced to hold thru a sudden and possibly rally spike while those with mid to low averages will probably start unloading as soon as they recoup their investments this may hit 2 to 3 dollars by 1Q 2021. don't see it passing $3 for years maybe never Will always be between $1 and $3 for decades until it goes bankrupt or is bought by larger organization.
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All Comments(8)

MeetingAttender11/14/2020 16:13
You’re a moron who lost a lot and will lose more


Tr011/14/2020 14:48
Tf Is this bullshittery


YaGirlLuvMe211/14/2020 14:30
Stfu 🤡

ict***com11/14/2020 15:05



Minion11/14/2020 14:02
Your reasoning is very contradictory you’re first sayIng that people with high averages will make the most money over time but if it never goes above $3 then please tell me how they will make the most money. Just goes to show ypu’re talking out your ass.

ict***com11/14/2020 14:50

History repeats itself. as it goes up a few bucks people with low averages will begin to exit

ict***com11/14/2020 14:49

it did spike to $11 and then suddenly drop. thats when people will exit


cake.fresco11/14/2020 10:52
lmao what a clownnn


Rookie Trader11/14/2020 07:08


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