11/17/2020 07:51

$Genius Brands It’s a shame 75%-80% of you don’t understand how to read a financial report. You latch on to a single figure and lose your mind then sell your shares like child throwing a temper tantrum. Take away the deferred payment from last year and this ER showed Andy’s finally headed in the right direction. With the acquisition done and the pending Marvel deal, just like he said, we’ll be rewarded Q4.
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OptionsRMYObsession11/17/2020 10:13
Well said! Takes money to make money, I’m holding over 10K and thank all for giving me opportunity to buy some more cheap calls!!


Zz Zz11/17/2020 09:45
Eoy,,was said and, now no middle man ,added connections, bigger company now.
Opportunities can happen QToQ which you must Steer in that direction ,which means you have to be flexable in your emotions hence investment,See Big Picture..
To put money in ,just to wait to pop, And pull money out ,is gambling ,not investing
Someone else said pizza money yipee! that summed it up for me, But i see the big picture and will stay invested


Zz Zz11/17/2020 09:14
Onthe money well said, with you guys


TonyMedina DONT SELL11/17/2020 09:10
couldnt have said it better myself...God, i wish everyone here would listen to u.


845****12011/17/2020 09:07
seems like your the one having a tantrum. go watch some dragonball z before school starts little boy.

brandz11/17/2020 09:28

@845 you’re*

SSVegeta11/17/2020 09:17

Aww... Did I hurt your poorly educated feelings snowflake?


Luck_Ken_Na🍀11/17/2020 08:12
Well said