01/05/2021 00:45

$Canoo Inc I hate cramer. Lisren to this huge L story: Ihad been holding at 10$ a share for about 4 Months now, and was planning on selling at 23$ a share. When it hit 23 in AH a few weeks ago i was trying to put in an order and my broker wasn’t working. a few minutes later cramer Told the boomers to sell and that dragged the price down to 18$. I refused to sell until today I got fed up of holding.... f you cramer you played me.
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ibc***com01/05/2021 01:23
Yeah Ive been here for it all since the beginning ... stock hasnt been the same since that day. Several brokerages lagged that day as well too

John01/05/2021 02:15

Yeah that’s market manipulation at its finest


V.P.01/05/2021 01:15
Ad by the way Cramer sad buy at $12 not sell at.

John01/05/2021 01:21

I know lol thats why its so sad. Anyways it doesnt matter i still made a small profit and i do better with non cramer stocks so ill stick to that


V.P.01/05/2021 01:06
It sAd bro ( I told me friend yesterday to buy and hold it long term $13-$14 is a good price, I saw it went to 12 today so I bought more.


QuixoticTheta01/05/2021 00:54
Do your own DD

John01/05/2021 00:55

I aint asking for no DD


Mir***com01/05/2021 00:53
Well , thank god you held it ! Now sell at at $22 , We should get there again soon

Mir***com01/05/2021 02:24

Buy it back quicky or you will miss the boat

Wall-e01/05/2021 01:07

If you wouldn't sell at 18 then why sell at 12? Take emotion out of your trading.

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