01/11/2021 17:47

$GeoVax Labs Considering the market has ample vaccine doses and is stuggling to distribute and make people actually get......this aint going anywhere. Not to mention its competing with companies that have several weeks head start on marketing, distribution, and name recognition.
i see this falling flat as hell
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All Comments(6)

Investor Gadget01/11/2021 17:55
Ok wtf are you smoking???? The world market has enough huh?? A couple companies have made enough to vaccinate 14 bIllion people and yes its double because its two doses.

THEGOODTRADE01/11/2021 18:00

what are YOU smoking? where did you get 14 billion? lmmfao. No such world population


drs***com01/11/2021 17:52
It will go back up EOD


RichJacques01/11/2021 17:52
Distribution is the problem. Not the demand.


Edward Stownden01/11/2021 17:50
just bc u missed out

THEGOODTRADE01/11/2021 21:31

mmmhmmm. well there ya go


Kevin Salinas01/11/2021 17:50
I hope you get raped shortie 🍆


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