Ethnic Chad

02/19/2021 16:47

For my followers, here are my upcoming and current moves.

$Churchill Capital Corp IV
30 march 40 calls
Will be selling at 100+

Currently have 14k shares but will likely be buying north of 200k shares once i am out of cciv. chamaths track record speaks for itself.

Fire team, no position yet but will be buying north of 100k shares after i am done woth cciv.

$GS Acqsn Hldg II
Lowkey popped off today, have no position tho. will be watching for a pullback and will be putting north of 60k shares in.

Gl to all!
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All Comments(5)

Kelly02/19/2021 20:22
Translation: I bought 12 bagillion shares on my paper trading acct. Please like me.


Robertsparks89 02/19/2021 18:34
How do you feel about $ALTITUDE ACQUISI ??

Ethnic Chad02/19/2021 18:42

Not in on it but looks solid


385****64702/19/2021 16:53


BKH02/19/2021 16:49
Whats Chamaths track record again?

Ethnic Chad02/19/2021 16:51

Virgin galactic, sofi, opendoor, clover


sin***com02/19/2021 16:49
23 followers ๐Ÿ˜ฑ


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