01/08/2021 01:30

$GLOBALSTAR This is going to do nothing but make a lot of serious bagholders. Seriously unbelievable how word of mouth, right or wrong, works on here. If enough people follow, it can go up some sure, but this one, rocket worthy up? Uuuhhh....ok... going to take a lot of people running toward the cliff to make that happen, and many can meet up to commiserate at the bottom. Lol. Sorry but this one is just...off.
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GODSG1FT01/08/2021 02:47
At any given moment any stock can go up. I'm not in on this because I usually don't play with penny stocks AH but all of the talk about news and a high float is poppycock. I watch stocks with low floats and great news fail during market open.

Kat01/08/2021 11:31

I am more concerned about what the contract is even for and lack of knowledge around that. It will go up, yes and then it will come down hard here likely, is all i was saying. lol. Of course any stock can go up at anytime.


Mayo01/08/2021 02:31
I just learned about this company.... 2 min ago. I believe in it more than u. Crazy when you forget so easily.


🏄‍♂️ 👆01/08/2021 01:54
whats the rush its a great deal & a great stock quit complaining & hold some


Bones 01/08/2021 01:46


kyl***com01/08/2021 01:38
I agree with you. News is good on it but not good enough to send. Plus the float on this super high so its going to be hard to push it up like that

🏄‍♂️ 👆01/08/2021 02:32

u see sndl? how much are they now? how much volume do u see there on an average lately? over 500 million plus even up to a billion. this is half that almost. so its a no brainer right?


Richdolla$01/08/2021 01:35
Sounds like you mad you missed the boat lol


909KING01/08/2021 01:33
I got out at .60 , feel its not going up to much more than that . will see

🌴slanders 🌴nvest01/08/2021 02:49

The flip phone nokia😂😂😂 ill wait😂

🏄‍♂️ 👆01/08/2021 02:30


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