02/20/2021 03:28

So my daughter turned 21 yesterday. Long time coming. Wish I'd have started trading when she was young. I'd have gotten all the learning out of the way already. We did alright though.

We're throwing her a party tomorrow. It wad supposed to be a surprise, but when does that ever work out?

So Im still holding my $GLOBALSTAR bag. At this point, I'm really looking for a soft landing spot. My optimism for it is gone, and Im ready to move on to the next thing. I loved $Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc last week, but passed for this disaster. Maybe the earnings report will bail me out clean. I can hope.

Started watching Tim Sykes today. He wad talking about morning panic dips and I was looking at my GSAT entries and slapping myself. Rookie mistakes.

Thinking that I'll probably never trust a company with big shorts and a high float ever again too.

If you enjoy this random musing, toss me a follow. I'll be doing it constantly. If you're bored, comment and I'll probably answer pretty fast.

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. Sorry, just seemed like the logical progression. Good night and God Bless.
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Eagerbeavers02/20/2021 15:51
Dont get attached to any one stock. make rules for yourself and stick to them. im new to this but thats what i have learned so far. hope it helps.

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 16:01

Yeah, definitely gotta be careful about becoming a "believer." If you love a company, it's a long hold. Trades are for making money. Hard not to get carried away in the DD process sometimes though.


Venomlord2302/20/2021 15:04
hop into $Ocugen Inc my guy, I've been following you for a bit and genuinely believe in your goals.

DD: Covaxin will outpace Moderna and Pfizer as the leading vaccine in my opinion within this year. Able to be refrigerated, and it will be able to work on the variants of Mutations that are popping up around the world. will also be the vaccine they will approve for school age children. Just awaiting FDA approval, which will be within a month or two. If I am correct, then by assuming that this stock will be around the same price of Moderna (currently floating between 170-180), you will see a 15 - 20x return in your investment! Cheers! ๐Ÿป

Currently holding 50@11.70

Venomlord2302/20/2021 15:59

what's your opinion on what you've researched so far?

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 15:07

Still looking at it, gonna grab a couple when I can. Like I said, stuck in GSAT for hopefully only a few more days. Ive researched Ocugen pretty extensively.


No more meme stocks02/20/2021 05:53
It is what it is life goes on everything happens for a reason

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 06:27

"Water is wet, the sky is blue, women have secrets." - John Hallenbeck, The Last Boyscout


spr***com02/20/2021 05:27
its a whole new ballgame nowadays!

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 05:28

Really is. Still, kinda feels like a job well done, getting one of them to adulthood without messing it up too badly. lol


ras***com02/20/2021 04:11
๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™(clapping hands) lol happy birthday to your daughter. I'm still learning the game. only been in since November. hoping gsat hits soon. I've been red these past few days and losing on a few options.

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 04:15

Thank you, first and foremost!! My optimism is pretty low at this point, but my entry point is trash. I was planning to sell some on a bounce and average down on dips, but now Im kind of ready to cut losses and move on. Im gonna hang in for earnings though.


Wen***com02/20/2021 04:01
Hi Hundo! Thanks for sharing. Throw any warnings my way as I am learning too. everything seemed backwards this week. I Still believe in the GSAT. Think its just timing. I remember reading really great news about it....just cant remember details

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 04:05

Great news was their n53 going on Qualcomm's x65 modem, and a partnership with xcom to monetize the band. Earnings are out this week, shoo hopefully a bounce with good news, or ahead of it. Im learning fast that "believing" in these companies is dangerous. Makes us blind to reality for long enough to get stuck and eat losses. Thanks for the comment, happy to talk anytime!! Throw me a follow and we can learn together. Im not shy about sharing my mistakes. lol


wombats02/20/2021 03:46
hey there, turned 31 today, happy birthday to your daughter (and fellow Februarian). I have made similar mistakes and actually used the remaining 75 cents in my roth ira to buy two shares of occugen in like August or so. Had I put the 6k in there then.. would have cleared 360k hahaha.. I've found the potential earnings losses are harder to mentally overcome than any joy of big wins. But it's building that risk tolerance muscle and dd process. Keep going!!

wombats02/22/2021 06:18

Thanks @OneGoodHundo Glad you had an awesome time celebrating your daughter's bday! I definitely agree about age too ๐Ÿ™Œ it's all in the mind, DD is really fun, really interesting to get to know companies and analyzing opportunities. I wish you nothing but success in finding financial freedom in your endeavors and am excited to wath your progress ๐Ÿ‘

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 03:51

Woo! Happy Birthday to you!! The way folks age now, I think 31 is the new 19.

So far I've blown it on Ocugen, Artelo, Denison and Citius. My 100+100 would be like 2G's if I would just get out of my own way and pick the right horse. I already know all about wasting potential. The DD is actually pretty fun, honestly.


Dav***com02/20/2021 03:39
Hang in there man. ive only been doing this for a few months and have made a ton of mistakes. Its all part of the process. Keep learning and building rules for yourself and things will start to go smoother with time. Dont beat yourself up about it to much. Enjoy your daughters bday! I have 2 young boys, its flying by already...

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 03:43

Oh I promise you, it flies. My daughter has only been my daughter since she was 7 and I met her mom. But damn, my son is 11 already.

Yeah, I'm down but not defeated. It's funny. Messing up is almost satisfying, because I learn from it, and I know I'll NEVER make the same mistake.


snoopy 02/20/2021 03:38

highwind02/20/2021 04:04

not too late to get into ocgn, hundo. we should be seeing another few sharp spikes in the coming weeks.

OneGoodHundo02/20/2021 03:40

Ocugen broke my heart lol. It was on my radar in the 2.70s. I went for Matinas instead. And Ocugen went to 15 bucks without me. ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


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