02/20/2021 19:50

$GLOBALSTAR Large option order activity from Tuesday help up against the market the rest of the week. Smart money would not be betting this big unless it was just for that quick 150% tuesday swing trade. These callS are back down to this price range again. could be a second chance to follow the smart money....do your DD👍
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SensiBull ?02/20/2021 21:06
I can't pass up the December 3.00 calls come Monday. looks like I'm going slightly OTM but the price is very attractive.

SensiBull ?02/20/2021 21:19

I'm up 550% on April ITM 0.50 calls rest of them in different expirations around 150-300%.

eric02/20/2021 21:17

Never hurts to spectulate on some of these if your conviction is unshakable and you can afford to loose out from time to time

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SensiBull ?02/20/2021 20:41
if you are referring to the sweeps @ 3.50 strike on 2/17, check below on the weekly volume in that series.

eric02/21/2021 15:27

Got it!

SensiBull ?02/20/2021 21:07

turn on options trading here. you just answer a few basic questions.

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eric02/20/2021 20:28
Quick math on that one massive 3strike sweep says it was around 35,000 calls...current open interest around 50,000...gotta dig up what open interest was each day this week and figure out if this is still being held

SensiBull ?02/20/2021 20:38

do you mean the 3.50 strike? it looks like that's where the sweeps occurred to me.


eric02/20/2021 20:22
This is what setvoff the options frenzy and its back to .30 from its .80 spike. this has huge swing trade potential again


Stimmy trader02/20/2021 20:17
3.5 is at 0.50 now?.... hmm

eric02/20/2021 20:20

The 3strike that started off this activity was .3 and spiked to .8 now back to .3


SensiBull ?02/20/2021 20:08
good post. thanks!

eric02/20/2021 20:12

Just realized I worded the point wrong...Would smart money JUST be betting on that swing trade or does it go deeper??? Im trying to find an affordable source historical options data to see what the open interest was as these sweeps were executed


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