SensiBull ?

02/20/2021 22:09

$GLOBALSTAR If you are looking to get into call options here, I highly suggest you go far out in the chain. December 2021, January 2022 and 2023 LEAPs. buy in the money (ITM) or as close as possible to at the money (ATM). March expiration has 3 problems: 1. theta decay 2. Earnings reports expected around 3/5. ( Globalstar is not an earnings play and if there is a miss on expectations, there will likely be a minor selloff due to undue fear from weak hands). 3. the MM (market maker) wants all calls to expire worthless to collect the premiums so they will do their best to not have to ensure coverage at a particular strike price.

barring any unknown future events that may drive the underlying security price to rocket to 3.50 or above prior to the March expiration date, I do believe bullish investor sentiment in the underlying security in the past weeks led to "lotto buys" on the March 3.50 strike calls. that said, the March 3.50 calls of course will spike to some degree with an uptrend, if any, on the underlying security. however, with time as your enemy in calls, to what extent can an uptrend / downtrend be predicted? furthermore, your % returns could be limited to double or low triple digits. all of this is based on your risk/ reward trading parameters.

therefore, with the aforementioned, I recommend going further out in the option chain to account for any positive or adverse swings. let time work with you and try to at least buy 2 or more on long calls(allows you to recapture initial investment and leave the rest as free runners or house money) . as always GLTA ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
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bryan frank02/22/2021 00:17
Been sitting on the April 50 cent calls, and stock.

SensiBull ?02/22/2021 00:19

same here. up 550% on April 0.50 calls as of Friday. I'm invested in others and commons as well


Funnyguy9002/22/2021 00:10
@SensiBull ? Do you think I should wait till End of March for entry?

SensiBull ?02/22/2021 00:16

yes, let news from earnings and warrants exercise go through. both catalysts will likely drive attrition in the stock price. buy when you find a discount


C.R.E.A.M02/21/2021 00:16
So I have 2 and 2.50 strike contracts for January 2022, but also snagged a bunch of July contracts. Sound ok?

SensiBull ?02/21/2021 00:21

good positions. ๐Ÿ‘


Smark02/20/2021 23:08
@SensiBull ? so I posted in this thread a small bit of info. but I also read that irdm intends on launching leosl sattelites on their website or already has them. it was unclear. obtaining ground rights for Leo satellites is how they work because they transmit from earth station to satellites GEO satellites communicate with other GEO satellites allowing to cover the entire world. But globalstar may offer a more advanced or comparable satfi market which could potentially be the best chance of attracting the maritime and emergency markets. as well as retail nomads. this is theoretical at best. cause I need more facts to validate what I've read into it.


Smark02/20/2021 23:01
comparison of Leo to geo


SensiBull ?02/20/2021 22:49
$41 million owed in equity on warrants end of March. another reason to go further out ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


SensiBull ?02/20/2021 22:40
@Smark perhaps this helps? I'm not very tech savvy with regards to 5G

Smark02/20/2021 23:14

I appreciate this! It should help me broaden my inquiries


Smark02/20/2021 22:35
@@SensiBull ? I have been led to beleive the company has closer positioning than irdm. And their expanding satfi into the south American region with Brazil. is this on par and do you have any saved info to help me see a clearer pictur

SensiBull ?02/20/2021 22:41

noteworthy is that cathi woods and ARK ETF has been buying iridium for the past weeks

SensiBull ?02/20/2021 22:37

I have something....hang on. posted today


SensiBull ?02/20/2021 22:32
also of note there are warrants exercising in March. this too can cause a selloff near term. I'm looking for the warrants price and will update accordingly

Smark02/20/2021 23:00

you are very responsive. I really appreciate all this


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