02/18/2021 22:36

$HCMC Just a comment.... i bought a stock “apps” a few years ago at 1.23. Only a few shares. I was told to save your big money for something different. I did. I put it in CGC. Guess what. CGC hasn’t come close to what I bought at. I sold apps with a 6,000% return. Mind you, I didn’t put retirement money into it only a $100. Take it with a grain of salt. These penny stocks Can do more that what you think. Stay the course. I’m holding for my new small business and daughters college
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tjn***com02/18/2021 23:06
I’m new to penny stock investing, any information you are willing to impart on others I’m happy to read!


Wreckitralphhh02/18/2021 23:04
Def true!!! My first time getting into this i thought having a couple of good stocks and flipping them for little profit i was making it big lol boy was i wrong i put some money into crypto a couple years ago bought some long term stocks and dove into penny stocks because VOLUME is way better i have about close to a million of HCMC shares even if it only hits a $1 along with other penny stocks i have im set 🙏🏽


dav***com02/18/2021 22:41
your right about penny stocks and I figured out how not to lose any money and make a ton in the process, I have a system I put together and it works 110 percent and I will be offering it for free because I think everyone should not have to struggle.

YOLO Boiiii!02/19/2021 03:26

like fish in a barrel...😬

can***com02/19/2021 00:28

just find the penny stocks with upside or potential to move and hold until the gap up.

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