02/20/2021 13:05

$HCMC I’m new to this, i can’t find any cheap stocks on webull, they all say not supported for trading... Where can i go to get some of the cheaper stock? i apparently pick the wrong stock because they all have been red for 2 weeks since i started.. im trying to learn everyday. any help would be much appreciated..
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am.***com02/20/2021 14:36
Don't worry about being in the red, it's been a rough couple of weeks. Next week will improve, and remember, it's only a loss if you sell! I use etrade for my OTC stocks, every trade costs 4.95 though. Pretty standard for pink stocks (OTC).

His***com02/21/2021 00:14

There are no fees on webull. There are fees on other platforms. If you buy a stock high and it drops... just buy more at the lower price and it averages down your cost per share. Then the stock wont have to gain as much value to get you back to breaking even. Never sell for a loss if you can help it. Also, never invest more money than you are comfortable losing. Feel free to let me know anytime you have questions!

Apr***com02/20/2021 23:47

I mean where do i find the amount of what the fees are?

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Apr***com02/20/2021 13:50
Thank yall so much.. i have a long ways to go ..lol.. i love the fun of it, reading comments etc, i am just so lost... i guess i will keep learning though.. 😁


young bull02/20/2021 13:32
quick... buy the last crypto on all the large crypto platforms. BitTorrent connect is the last micro penny coin right now. join the WHALES before them up before the price goes up

Apr***com02/20/2021 14:28

I really appreciate your help, i am a total beginner and have no idea what bit torrent connect is or whales... i may be a lost cause... haha


cra***com02/20/2021 13:11
use etrade for OTC stock. check out nsav.

Apr***com02/20/2021 14:29

Thank you so very much... will check that out


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