02/20/2021 15:55

$HCMC The lawsuit is almost done and about to be settled out of court and Phillip Morris is going to pay HCMC over $1 billion for copyright infringement
This will be another 100x for me this year THANKS to faded polo πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ
Thanks for teaching me how to diamond hand and buy dips !
IM UP 100% or better on every pick you are a god send lol πŸ˜‡
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Tho***com02/20/2021 23:46
do your DD because its not looking like there are going to win the lawsuit stop posting fake news πŸ˜’


ScrewedNewb02/20/2021 18:13
why is he so wrong??? Everyone, including me, has been moving on and basing their own thoughts on speculation. I hope everything he said is true. I also know PM will not make it that easy, even if they are in the wrong.


Grogu02/20/2021 17:48
... fake news. government needs to check on posts like this.


Lawyer Los02/20/2021 16:45
such BS. the lawsuit hasn't even started. PM lawyers who bill by the hour are not going to settle without trying everything legally to dismiss the lawsuit first. that will take a year +.


jemar02/20/2021 16:32
Please if your going to post something like this please post facts!!!!!! not just nonsense and gibberish. thank you

613****39502/20/2021 19:12

where is the actual source?

jemar02/20/2021 16:46

I'll do my dd but like I said if there going to post something like this show facts.

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Lsp***com02/20/2021 15:56
Got this at 0.0017 and bought more at 0.0035


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