02/19/2021 00:23

$Holicity Inc UNCLE SAM WANTS YOU TO SWING TRADE SO YOU HAVE TO PAY 30 PERCENT IN CAPITAL GAINS TAX!!!! if you sell because the stock goes up 1 dollar .30 on the dollar is no longer yours just remember that ever time you decide to sell before 1 year and a day goes by. Also if you sell then buy back in before 30 days thats called " Washboard trading " and these even more taxes on that plus you can't claim losses on your tax returns at the end of the year. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS AND STUDY THE MARKETS TAX LAWS BEFORE UNCLE SAM TAKES EVERYTHING.
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chr***com02/19/2021 14:34
I prefer a situation where everyone knows what they are getting into, instead of the blind leading the blind. If you knee about this situation and didn't inform the uninformed then YOUR the problem. Knowledge is power


Dr. Neo Cortex02/19/2021 10:44
all it comes down to is this. people think they can (and in some cases they do) make more gains even with the higher taxes. the wash rule is in place so that short term traders don't have an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE in claiming losses with a gaining position. that's it. as the name implies it is designed to WASH out the gains you made on the re-entered position. it's not a penalty.

you need to chill and let people be free.

chr***com02/19/2021 14:32

it's called teaching dude notice how you didn't say I was wrong simply that this wasn't a " penalty ".

chr***com02/19/2021 14:32

believe it or not people on here don't know what capital gains tax is, or the fact that they can even claim losses on their taxes. the when they do know they can claim losses and do their taxes trying to claim losses but get audited because they tried to claim losses on wash trading they are in big trouble which can and possibly will lead to them being black listed from the stock exchange because they tried this.

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can***net02/19/2021 01:11
Haha. Good Try Bud. We need quality pumpers, most profitable short term traders don't care.

chr***com02/19/2021 04:05

dude you got happy about getting 250 dollars which is chump change. that's 75 dollars going to uncle Sam so enjoy your 175 dollars lol.


chr***com02/19/2021 00:41

Dr. Neo Cortex02/19/2021 10:30

this is misleading bc of the wording. all this means is uncle sam sees your cost basis as the original position, not the new lower one. there are no "extra taxes".


chr***com02/19/2021 00:41
I would copy and paste the definition from Google but the comment section won't let me


chr***com02/19/2021 00:40
look up wash-sale rules and you'll learn something


Dr. Neo Cortex02/19/2021 00:30
lol that's not what wash trading is


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