11/18/2020 13:33

$HighPoint Rsrcs Why would Zack’s give it a number one by if they were just going to screw us… Why would they be earnings by one dollar and then let the stock keep dropping for the two months before the transfer a lot can happen in the next two months the company is still making money and the deal is not finalized I’m still bullish on this thing
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Willie Fisterbottom11/18/2020 14:08
Lol, People like you that trust and make decisions based on a website!!

DukieFET11/18/2020 14:13

Most pwople i know have $13 -15... nothing is set in stone yet

DukieFET11/18/2020 14:12

I disnt make it on a website I bought before and am homdi g out praying this gets ro double digits and that if it doesnt the merger isnt going to screw over shareholders i do t belive they will but have a little compassion i have a $11 avg


CodenameMonarch11/18/2020 13:47
But theyre filing for bk...they have too much debt

DukieFET11/18/2020 14:04

Me neither No Name!

DukieFET11/18/2020 13:51

No they’re not required only if investors don’t agree to the terms or something along those lines if somebody doesn’t agree to the merger

Then again they are not required to do the merger there’s still an out for them

And i agree with your comments yestersay that This is extremely undervalued

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