05/28/2020 00:26

$Hertz Glo Hldg This bout to take a huge mega diarrhea shit on all yhall!!!! premarket and open I'll get back in at .50 or less. The only reason it went up becuse paying their top employees a shit load of money!!!! JC Penney did the same exact thing do your own DD and see for your self good luck.
Hertz Glo Hldg-0
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?HereForABag?05/28/2020 03:03
and which those employees probably bought a shit ton of shares


BigBull??05/28/2020 00:41


Jäegermeister05/28/2020 00:40
Icahn has apparently lost more than $1.8 billion in the transaction. He had bought the stock for an aggregate amount of about $1.88 billion, according to a form he filed in March.


PROfetix05/28/2020 00:38
Nah, he is the reason it dropped so much.


Pau***com05/28/2020 00:37
Classic comment been trading less then a year. You made a couple of trades made a couple of bucks and think ur an expert.

ric***com05/28/2020 00:42

smh your stupid I havent bought in yet I'm waiting for a huge dip idiot.


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