11/14/2020 16:16

$Hyliion Holdings Corporation warning: this an opinion from an owner operator in the trucking industry

if you want opinion about Hyliion the best person to talk to is an owner operator or a fleet owner not a truck driver
An owner operator cares about the gross weight; every pound is important
He cares about time every minute counts; which owner opt wants to spend 2 hrs charging a truck?
He cares about efficiency; to get from point a to b at cheapest possible
So its all about bottom line and Hyliion is a dream to owners
Soon fleet owners will come knocking on Hyliion's door and not the other way around
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Owais11/15/2020 00:51
I have $42 average and so worried , will it go up that much?

Too***com11/15/2020 01:20

there is nothing to worry about if you in it long-term just average down my opinion as truck owner it will pass 100


dep***com11/14/2020 17:57
Eventually Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo and all the others will have their own set-up directly from the factory. For a fleet owner they can save a lot more money by buying new trucks with this stock from the factory. Especially for the tax write-off and depreciation aspect of it. Sorry guys, converting older trucks is not economical. With very limited CNG stations and diesel very cheap at the moment these kits will never take off. My advice is to take a loss now before this goes down to $15.

Too***com11/14/2020 19:22

you can write off retrofitting your truck is a business expense
buying a brand new erx has its tax benefits and cheaper

Jef***com11/14/2020 19:08

All I see is that the stock didnt even react to the earnings or the big rally the market had this week.. so will be maybe something for the long run but in the mean time from now on will be dead money...

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G40***com11/14/2020 16:33
owner operator here too. 90% of my portfolio is Hyliion


Logan11/14/2020 16:21
Owner op here too. couldnt agree more. which is why im heavily invested here


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