11/19/2020 21:09

$Hyliion Holdings Corporation This stock is pretty much dead. As retail investors we have a minimal influence on any stock. The real power rests with institutional ownership and hedge funds. Which should be at least at 75%. When this was SHLL and premerger institutional ownership was at 38%. Currently it is at 6%, pretty dismissal and alarming If you don't believe me go to the profile tab on here. Get out now with at least something.
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All Comments(11)

Sco***com11/20/2020 01:10
The comment made is not true, at all.

dep***com11/20/2020 01:18

Oh yeah? Well Mr. Smarty pants, what's up with the drop from 58$ to 18$ in a matter of days around merger time? Patiently waiting for your response.


AmongUS11/19/2020 22:05
Why you here then ๐Ÿคก


dep***com11/19/2020 21:38


Sam Hyde11/19/2020 21:35
Another thing is that the Merger with SHLL gave them access to over 1/2 a billion dollars in funds. They might not have a positive revenue atm but they arent exactly strapped for cash rn either. Something to think about. Another thing to think about is why you are so concerned about other ppl getting burned on an investment. Its almost like you stand to gain from fear and panic selling....


dep***com11/19/2020 21:32
Note the time stamp from 10/7


sunny ra 11/19/2020 21:30
If you don't like the way it is . you are welcome to stay the F away . who cares. no one forcing you to buy it .

dep***com11/19/2020 21:34

Who died and made you the moderator? Every one of your early morning predictions on here has crashed and burned. Like when I told you last that you are nothing more than a pumper and bag holder.


Sam Hyde11/19/2020 21:29
Ill take my chances, again, I dont take investment advice from internet strangers so nice try


Sam Hyde11/19/2020 21:23
Btw tesla is at 46% institutional ownership and they just got added to the s&p 500 so youre own assertion is seemingly untrue. So who is the noob to trading afterall bud?

dep***com11/19/2020 21:29

It's not like Hyliion has a cult following like Tesla. This stock is basically going to trade sideways just like I predicted and told someone about a month ago.


Sam Hyde11/19/2020 21:21
Its in line with the other former spacs institutional ownership %โ€™s currently. Its a fledgling company and id rather get in now and risk getting burned then miss out in the future. I believe in the future success of this company and its gonna take more than one dude pointing out things ive already seen to make me question my investments. Get stuffed

dep***com11/19/2020 21:26

Again, at merger it was at 38%. Hence the huge drop off in price from 58$ to under 20$ in a matter of a week or two after the merger. This stock has no financial support what so ever. I know you don't want to hear that. With no real earnings or a product coming off the assembly they are pretty much 'Toast'.


dep***com11/19/2020 21:14


Sam Hyde11/19/2020 21:10
I dont take random strangers advice when it comes to my finances

dep***com11/19/2020 21:16

If you don't believe me look at my screenshot I just posted. Again, a stock should be at least at 75% institutional ownership to be sound. It appears you are noob to investing?


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