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01/08/2021 00:48

$Hyliion Holdings Corporation This is nothing more than a speculative play unless you see some true headlines in the next few months. Please keep in mind that they don't actually manufacture the Class 8; instead they plan to provide powertrains.

As for the powertrain and retrofit it’s outsourced, something that's great for high volume, but this has questionable profit for a low volume operation. It’s a brilliant concept that needs to be accepted by the industry.

For HyliIon to become the next Tesla (which is what you want) they will need contracts for thousands and thousands of retrofits! Therein lies the problem -- they only make the powertrain; not the Class 8 -- a huge difference in return of capital!

Good luck to Thomas Healy and his crew! Also, I wish the best to those who think they own the next Tesla.
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bat***com01/08/2021 01:07
Its there first product to build up market and revenue. Then make the fleets invest in the ERX..

Buy it!01/08/2021 22:27

You can flip me off, but be aware the manufacturing capability is not there with Hyliion, and they only build the powertrain. The advantage to building the entire truck is free advertising for as long as the truck is on the road. There is no advertising with the powertrain, it’s out of sight.

Buy it!01/08/2021 02:03

That is their strategy. Start with a diesel hybrid and move on the the natural gas hybrid. They need to sell a lot of them.


Load Up!01/08/2021 01:05
🖕😆🖕They do build class 8 trucks. Check out their Hypertruck ERX.

Buy it!01/08/2021 01:59

They have an ERX, it’s a Freightliner....they did not build it — all they did is install a powertrain into it.


EasyMore01/08/2021 01:00
so what?

Buy it!01/08/2021 02:05

All I’m saying is they need to seal the deal for thousands of powertrain kits. I wish them only the best.


Bulldozers01/08/2021 00:56
This is big... whatch it go up 5 pointa tomorrow


sunny ra 01/08/2021 00:54
Lmfao . here comes bears out . go hide somewhere. you want people to buy later when it's already near 50-60 ? we will ask you when we need your advice. why you think it hit 58 when it was shll ? people didn't know what they going to do ?

sunny ra 01/08/2021 01:08

that's ok bud . these idiots only misleading people and keep them away from good money

EasyMore01/08/2021 01:00

don't mind this cry baby


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