05/05/2020 21:07

$IBIO I'm at the point if this doesn't move by Friday I'm cutting losses and moving somewhere else to make money
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jay05/06/2020 04:53
$CytoDyn they need to make 100000 vaccine or they can distribute.
what people thought on this


Cowboys202005/06/2020 04:53
you dont have anything positive to say stay the hell out of this community we are all here to help one one in this time of hardship grow up and show a little respect.


720****84905/06/2020 04:48
you guys are all dumb


Cowboys202005/06/2020 00:15
I only have 2k shares so unless it goes up a whole dollar I wont make much money and I've watched stocks climb a dollar today that I could of gone after so sitting on this for a few hundred makes my insides bleed.


Derek05/06/2020 00:01
patience pays...lot of news to come..itll spike past 1.50 guaranteed this month


Cowboys202005/05/2020 22:52
I've got 2k shares and I'm only down 160 if it doesn't go up by Friday I'm out I'll cut losses and make it back on dips with a more volatile stock

Godzilla920705/06/2020 00:16

Im in the same boat as you bro. im still holding.


Big Pen05/05/2020 22:47
ive been here in and out since January. If you can wait im more than sure youll see gains....now this could drop below 1.00....below.90.....below .70....you have to watch the trends and ave down and flip to maximize the big (potential) payday


jca***.ca05/05/2020 22:42
got only 100 shares so doesn't hurt much to stay.might jump to 30๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿค‘


Cowboys202005/05/2020 21:21
yeah I hear ya


G-Barz05/05/2020 21:19
Yea I've been holding this a while now no sense to cut just yet as it's not a significant part of my portfolio but it's my worst performer by far...Whts another week or two


Mike Pacheco05/05/2020 21:14
if earnings are good, investors are gunning for 3.0-3.4 in the near future. that is my prediction. I'm giving it two weeks.


bigmacqp05/05/2020 21:10
Not as long as me lol


Godzilla920705/05/2020 21:09
How long have you Been holding ?


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$Churchill Capital Corp IV 400% Opportunity option spread, *BUT ONLY FOR HIGH RISK individuals*, cause if the lucid deal doesn't go thru this will be max loss..

Call debit spread/long Vertical call:
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How to setup my charts on Webull?
When to buy? when to sell?

This information aimed at proving a very "simple setup" to know when to buy and when to sell. It is based on RSI ( Relative Strength Index) so you know when the ticker is oversold or overbought at a "certain time frame" while 5 Minutes is a typical metric for day traders, you can use it for a decent entry and exit.

I am using
$Bionano Genomics because it is a popular ticker these days and it is extremely overbought at the daily timeframe. that is not an advice to either buy nor sell. (at this stage im not holding any position in this one)

To do the setup, follow these steps:

1-Click on the menu and select indicators
2-Select RSI , VWAP , EMA , MACD
3-Click on the charts icon and select candle charts
4-navigate in different time frames , 1-10 minute, select 5 min for example and see the relationship of the price and the RSI chart down under

Always remember that in theory, the stock can be extremely overbought and continue to do that if no one sells. so while we use indicators, we can't predict how many people will buy and how many will sell.

Attached are the steps in images of how to setup your charts

Good luck everyone. I hope everyone will make a lot of money โœŒโœŒโœŒโœŒ

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