05/27/2020 10:48

$IBIO With all of the better CV plays out their, I can't believe people are still holding this from the beginning of March.
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All Comments(10)

James05/27/2020 12:12

Heisenberg05/27/2020 15:36


Corona2005/27/2020 13:18

cuz it going to$30 understand?

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AmateurW/SomeAnswers05/27/2020 12:08
I sold 300@ .87 sold at $1.4. like the company a little but not one thats keeping my attention.

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:31

in n out.


elveton05/27/2020 12:06
you could just like.....sell ur shares and move on...without having to tell other people they're dumb for holding. but what do I know

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:09

don't own any.


Corona2005/27/2020 12:06
I dont know what the f you talking about? tell me which one give you 80% of profit?

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:11

also this stock is half of it's initial Spike, months later, so no, not a good return for traders.

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:09

Congratulations, there's been plenty of stocks that have gone up 5X over the past 3 months. That's a shit ton more than 80%


mrj***com05/27/2020 12:01
What I don’t understand is, what would be the point of posting this if not to influence people? There isn’t one.

mrj***com05/27/2020 12:57

touchy subject huh palo? you ate a big bag about a month ago huh? its ok bud

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:29

it seems like you're wasting my fucking time here not understanding my point. Go ahead and tell me why this is the best CV stock to be in over the last 3 months. Because all you're doing is arguing bullshit semantics with me about people listening or not listening and instead missing the point of this stock is not a good one. That's not my fucking opinion either it's half of its initial Spike months later.

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bigmacqp05/27/2020 11:58

Heisenberg05/27/2020 12:05

tf is this lol


BERKIT05/27/2020 11:46
name a few better plays.

Heisenberg05/27/2020 11:48

over the last 3 months? Or right now?


mrj***com05/27/2020 11:15
Heisenberg has spoken ... with zero reasoning or explanation. Sounds like he mught be trying to influence people?

mrj***com05/27/2020 11:57

damn seems like a struck a nerve

Heisenberg05/27/2020 11:24

I literally just gave reasons below, influence people? More like WeBull is full of bullshitters saying every stock is going to the moon, I made money off this stock months ago and got out because I realized it was a poor CV play, I just fucking told you that there are plenty of other better plays out there that are trending above the 10-day moving average do you read anything?


CalNG05/27/2020 10:57
patience and catalysts are key ingredients in biotech....if you lack of one, don’t invest

Heisenberg05/27/2020 11:00

So are recognizing bad stock choices and cutting losses if need be. What catalyst are you waiting on for months here? This stock is and has been lower than it's initial spike at the beginning of the CV madness.


mik***com05/27/2020 10:53
you can believe that someone would be holding a 90% return on a "buy and forget" stock? sure, there have been better daily runners if you are a day trader. if you are an investor, you couldn't ask for much better.

Heisenberg05/27/2020 10:56

Is that a joke? No, there's been countless better options and not just daily runners, why would you invest in a penny stock that hasn't moved in months when others have continued to trend above their 10 day MA. Invest in established companies. Day trade the others.


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