05/27/2020 22:45

$IBIO For those looking to make serious gaines, just let your money sit here for awhile. i got in at .25 in jan/feb and has paid off greatly. do your DD, and youll see this company has the abolity to manufacture more vaccines than anyone else currently in US. we make a vaccine and youll be rich, we make vaccine and manufacturer it, we will be mega rich.
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FI$H05/27/2020 23:11
Did you sell at $3s with us back then? My posItion is guarbage after i bought back in around 1.40, but i also know and belive this will soar for us all again! Last sell for me here was at +1,100% ☺️ i dont care what people say. It will smack the sky afain way bigger than before.

Brad05/28/2020 00:11

I sold a small pirtion but reinvested it back in the .80s and have doubled position. i think this goes to $10-$30+ depending on whether they make their own vaccine or not. theres too much money out there right now to know this is going to be involved in the long run


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