09/10/2020 02:39

$IBIO Does anyone else think some actual, solid pr would be nice to get? Def not a hater, but It feels like they're just trolling lately. Does anyone know if its just a darpa and/ or government type nda agreement that is running the show here? or is tom just some bored white guy pushing hype because its just ironic and he thinks that word is funny.
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kdj***com09/10/2020 04:37
contrary to what people will tell you nobody really has a clue we will know more once earnings are release

daydreamer09/10/2020 04:43

You think all the puzzle pieces are planted, meaningful and true, or just peeps seeing what they wanna see?


zay***com09/10/2020 03:16
go to sleep troll

daydreamer09/10/2020 03:18

I'm not sure your seeing things clearly. Articulate questioning and trolling are very different crafts.


daydreamer09/10/2020 02:49
Pr has been seeming like puff pieces lately. It's like there hiding the juicy stuff in plain sight, but they want zero acknowledgement for it.


Andrew09/10/2020 02:43
Nah bRuh but you can find some crazy conspiracy theories on youtube šŸ˜‰

Andrew09/10/2020 03:02

Nice šŸ‘šŸ¼

daydreamer09/10/2020 02:57

just had a little white crumble myself. No point here, just relating with your situation.

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